Artificial kidneys that you can wear just like a belt


Maybe they will never make it to the cover of a fashion magazine, but they can certainly improve the conditions of life of dialysis patients. Wearable Artificial Kidneys or WAK, as the acronym goes, are a miniature dialysis machine, mounted on a belt, which can be worn allowing the patient to move freely while benefiting from medical treatments, which are being administered automatically.

The belt, including its battery pack, weighs 4.5 kgs, and is made up of a filter which works as a kidney itself, connected to plastic tubes and to a monitor that controls the regular flowing and cleansing of blood during a treatment operation which can last between 3 and 5 hours a day.

Thanks to the wearable kidney, leading a normal life is no longer a dream for patient who are undergoing dialysis, who will now be free to move, walk, run and even have physical activities, all this while their artificial kidney is administering a non invasive treatment, thus benefiting not only under a strictly medical point of view but, most of all, as far as the emotional side is concerned.

Such a device can have an easily understandable huge impact on the life of patients on dialysis, not only for the reasons just explained, but also from the financial side, as using the artificial wearable kidney would involve a saving on hospital costs, especially because the machines used there can be extremely expensive.

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