Wall microphone stethoscope: highly sensitive gizmo ears


The famous Chinese proverb “walls have ears” has finally shaped up with the tactful application of intelligence, architecture and technology in the form of a sophisticated instrument known as wall microphone stethoscope. Active crime scene workers and spies often complained of a lack of tool to make a secure way to the insecure zone full of suspects and criminals putting their lives to risk and danger.

The equipment is particularly designed to function through a wall; ceiling or a solid blockage added with a microphone to amplify the low grade sounds or noises behind the bars to high quality audio signals allowing investigators or spies to have a better judgment of the scenario inside, similar to a medical professional who just with a mere instrument can dig as deep as the human heart and pulse lies. Portable, durable, highly sensitive, multifunctional recorder are few adjectives that can be named to describe the product, usually facilitating outlets for earphones, telephone, tape recorders and power supply keeping into mind security, future evidence and back up accordingly.

Also most come with a utility to adjust the amplifier sensitivity depending on the total thickness of the wall maintaining a range of about 60 decibels; comforting the ear lobes and bone conduction too proportionately. Though the inbuilt battery backup amounts to about 6V but there is always an option for the external power which figures to a range of 9 to 12 Volts depending on requirements and model used. So investigators have a true sensitive ear in form of the stethoscope gizmo.

Receivers / Transmitters weaving a stalwart connectivity web


Receivers and transmitters form an inevitable combination in the techno world, applied with quite an acclamation during an event, war, investigation or local check within the officers in charge keeping them alert, equipped and also passing on the required information about the other side of events thus rendering channelized regulation. They are available in a variety of frequency ranges to suit all needs and situations. It is often witnessed through decades the vital role of these wireless gadgets to ensure smooth and fine tuned working pattern compatible to function over a wide range contriving around 100 to a lucrative distance of 8000 metres.

The newer versions are available to make audio as well as video transits at a variety of frequency extending from 1.2 GHz to about 2.4 GHz with 4 transmitting channels to a maximum of 12 receiving channels. Most operating with a stable A/V signals to accomplish the needful and even self sufficient to transfer a pin drop too. Mind wobbling performance gelled thoroughly with a condensed infrastructure suitable to work under hardships and bothersome state of affairs anchoring stable and poised firm performance these unerringly function beyond the shadow of doubt and darkness.

Apart from the legal uses, they can farther be applied for remote home security, child monitoring particularly around open hydro spaces or hazards and also keeping neighbourhood watch for illegal and unauthorised actions and defaults interlacing an intelligent, quick, highbrow and astute receiver / transmitter security system.

Radio controlled helicopters: a pleasurable pastime or an etched video surveillance gizmo


Initial fascination in any subject of interest is very obvious especially in toddlerhood where a mere toy is enough to keep a child glued for weekends  together. Self controlled toys usually top the charts with greater involvement and activity. Apart from the frolic and hobby segment there are few serving the field of surveillance with success and acclamation, radio controlled helicopters are the ones falling in above mentioned category supporting video surveillance. Aciculate minds appreciated with technological advancements has lead to a bliss termed wireless

Radio controlled helicopters facilitated with high resolution cameras blended well with the latest motion compensation methods to keep a myopic vision as desired. The enormous selection aids to make a choice according to the events to be used in such as private parties, fun fairs or difficult to reach locales. For easy flight most come with plastic wings, stabilizing and moreover making it safe in case of a mishap. Though the natural factors such as temperature and wind velocity cannot be given an absolute cold shoulder but are attempted to be minimized with thermal intelligence and regulated power supply correspondingly.

A special concern is too parted to the vibratory effects of the attached motor to phase out distorted picture quality and integrate the active event and video appropriately. Major are accompanied with training material which when thoroughly applied with keen interest can shape up as a self regulated security lock boosting confidence and professional elegant touch.

Is your jammer perfect to crack all odds?

Is your jammer perfect to crack all odds?

With the booming rise of cell phones in the last two decades, the noise level and intrusion of privacy has heightened to a level of irritation and disturbing inflammation. As we say, need is the mother of all inventions, has ultimately lead to the development of a counter act known as jammer. Though it is great to be in touch with your kith and kin’s at your finger tips but at times and locales demanding peace or attention these need to be jammed, these can either be applied individually or on a specific area such as a restaurant, church, movie theatres or concerts.

They work on a principle creating enough interference within the signals and finally disconnecting along the range of the jammer. With spying trends hovering each side and corner, these jammers have too been extensively used in debugging the anti social bugs which supposedly leave controversies and loopholes bountifully.

GSM bugs are the talk of the tinsel town and so are the corresponding jammer prepared and adapted to work with varied variety to accomplish the aim of privacy. So people living in the dreadful fear of being followed every second finally can a breeze of fresh air and again leave inhibitions and cowardice to their independent and peaceful world. Though being extra alert is the key of all times to crack odds but these jammers have truly turned things easy, effortless, comfortable, noise free, soothing and intimate enough cracking all odds.

Is your night vision accurate to judge danger?


The term night vision often raises suspicion and danger in the mind of a reader leaving him / her amused to believe its existence and legitimacy. But the scientific development accurately has hit the nail in the direction and fetched trustworthy results helping millions extending from soldiers, nature explorers, police officials, security guards and many more to a secure and well informed arena.

The natural lack of tapetum lucidum in human eye makes an individual helpless and dependent on these night vision tools to satisfy the required. The equipment usually is applicable in dark and moonless nights working on primarily two technologies namely thermal imaging and image enhancement. Thermal imaging works by captivating a portion of infrared waves expelled as light from warmer bodies facilitating a clear view with a dull and cold contrast.

Next, image enhancement works on the principle of amplifying a portion of light spectrum which otherwise can’t be sensed normally to view in dark. Apart from the techniques many adjustments too are fixed up minimise discomfort including adjustable brightness, contrast, light and magnification to aid lesser stress on eyes respectively. Further hi-tech developments have lead to the use of high resolution LCD display with about 50Hz of image scanning frequency and aqua and dust resistance facilitating more and more. Though the night vision advancements may be limited to security personnel’s but its utilisation in normal public and adventure groups too can’t be parted a wink and needs to be appreciated keeping into mind the potent dangers they may face.

Shotgun Microphones for all seasons!

Directional Microphones

Using a directional microphone is recommended for a wide array of diverse applications, ranging from long-distance surveillance, to monitoring possible gas leaks thanks to extremely sensitive microphones which can pick up sounds with frequencies above reach of the human ear.

There are laser microphones which, by pointing a laser beam on a window several hundred meters away, are capable of reading the vibrations of the window glass, caused by conversations taking place inside the room behind the window; these vibrations are translated into voice and transmitted towards a receiving station located at a safe distance. These laser microphones are vital elements when fighting organized crime, as they give police forces the advantage of operating from a safe distance.

Directional microphones can also be used, depending on their characteristics, in the show business field, for example when shooting movie scenes, or for open air TV footage. In the security and accident prevention field, the so-called ultrasonic receivers, special microphones capable of picking up high-frequency sounds beyond reach of the human ear, can for example hear the sound of a gas leak, helping us to act quickly and avoid any damage.

In a few words, parabolic microphones have an endless range of possible applications, and all this at a cost that is now affordable for pretty much everyone.

Mini spy planes: the future is now


Mini spy planes or MAV’s (Micro Air vehicles) are starting to give a different idea of what video surveillance is, both in the military and civilian field. In a costant race towards improvement, new prototypes are being developed which sport the most extreme shapes, often inspired by nature. Obviously the most common source of inspiration comes from birds or winged mammals (there is even a pterodactyl-shaped MAV!).

And by taking inspiration from the shape of a bat, University of Michigan is developing a mini spy plane, only 15cm long and weighing approximately 100 grams, which can be powered by means of solar and wind energy.

The COM-BAT project hes received government funding for approximately 10 milion dollars, with an option for a further 12.5 million funding, to develop a mini plane which can be suitable for urban combat situations, capable of picking up images and sounds, and transmit them in real time via airwaves towards an operations base, which will use the data to coordinate the operations on the ground.

This is possible thanks to a miniaturized technology including stereo video cameras, miniaturized microphones and sensors capable of detecting nuclear radiations, poisonous gas or radar source, all this powered by natural energy, with a backup Li-Ion battery.

Ever dynamic Digital micro recorders


With an attempt to make undercover investigations an absolute success many lay their hands on the latest digital micro recorders, they have given a sharp edge to the term with avant-garde innovative camouflages used and modulated them from time to time to continue the sweet fruit shower without culprit notice. Variety is the demand to completely outrage the cunning, impertinent and shrewd crooks working with calibrated cautious minds to break all barriers and accomplish goals. The latest based on the technology of semi conductors are shaped up variedly with different recording potential as per required either by situation or individual.

The digital pen recorder, key ring recorders along with other tiny models top the chart and can be applied almost anywhere easily. Many equipped with password protection, microphones, earphones, voice sensitivity with expandable memory for security, sound quality, privacy, power saving and storage respectively serve beyond boundaries and expectations.

Most working in a frequency range of about 300 to 3400 Hz stores information either in mp3 or WAV format aiding obvious ease and download to a computer with quality recording. Apart from secret agents and police personnel’s, the micro recorders are too widely used by professionals and business men to either keep a record for reference or else by students to bypass the tiring note making process during lectures making things a hassle free job in turn imparting more knowledge and in Toto coverage of all the information and discussions.

Aerial video surveillance: your third eye

Keeping into mind the security and defense perspectives, remotely operated aerial video surveillance has been in practice for quite a while now. Though the presentation could never be relied as completely authentic or coordinated with actual activities based on continuous motion resulting in consequent confusing images and delineation even with translational models particularly designed to overcome these motion changes.

With latest advancements including the use of higher resolution cameras, block motion compensation method, methods to minimize any possible vibration or movement effects of the instrument blended with the camera have fathom flourishing to a great extent. These are available in variety of sizes and shapes depending on the area of surveillance required and the duration too; as in for a sports event, private parties or an area where a check is integral.

Starting from 11.1 volts battery to run for about 12 to 15 minutes to 14.8 volts for 18 minutes many are available to capture the clear panoramic view of the site. Also boosting further is the radio channel transmission ranging from 4 to the maximum of 9 fixed up in the instrument to work without a hitch or hassle. So, if you want to keep an eye on all your surroundings attentively then you surely have an answer to your torment apprehension with hi-tech precocious aerial video surveillance. Truly enacting as one’s third eye leaving no clue of doubt, perplexity and abashment to bustle.

Your personal assistant: micro recorder

Keeping pace with the hectic present day schedules is tiring and it is even more hard and messy these days to maintain a note of everything which may be needed sooner or later for reference or record. Though manual help has been serving millions since years we can think of but still a loophole of human error can’t be sidelined or ignored, this is where the technology comes into play with handy wieldy micro recorders apt to record conversations, speeches, conferences, even intellectual lectures leaving a narrow escape and running fairly smooth with acclaimed benefits.

With the advent of telephone micro recorders in hi-tech electronic niche telephonic conversation can too be recorded. Advancing further in the phone recorders are the hastening features including automatic voice recorder, microphone sensitivity, safety lock, 4 track recording system, comprehensible architecture, and high quality two speed recording with affordable price and with range of variety available to suit everyone’s claimed demand.

The latest versions even support an option for earphones for amplified effects, clarity of sound and privacy respectively. Its less troublesome maintenance and salubrious aftermaths has made it quite popular in high schools and colleges, where students can concentrate on the topics and discussions away from wholesome concept of scribbling pens throughout, in tension to figure out correct words and missed details making it a struggle rather than a knowledgeable session. This utility in all intellectual fields has yielded fruitful results that can be relied for future references.