Mobile spy: software that works in your absence

The long time worry of phone misuse in offices and unguided conversations of kids when left home all alone when at work has finally come to an end with simple innovative mobile spy software, it facilitates by recording conversations and all kind of phone activities which can be followed simply on one’s own laptop time to time i.e. you guiding work personally even in your absence. The account can be accessed from anywhere equipped with an internet connection by easily filling login in details and set password.

All the data inclusive of recorded conversations, text messages, GPS connections and location are automatically uploaded to the owner’s spy account which later can be interrogated in case of discrepancy or doubts.

Though, the software was initially not designed for keeping a check on kids but their fruitful use in the direction helped many parents who were earlier living under the grip of suspicion to unveil the underlying true story. In synch with the professional legal investigators, the domestic checkers have too gained heights with the mobile spy with effective functioning and control nearby. No matter which part of the world one may be the technique allows a quick intrusion to a desired place at the cost of just an internet connection. The authenticity has too faded all doubts and grey shades leaving no escape of the guilty.

Mobile phone spy: your secret agent

With byzantine mechanics working efficiently behind the easily applicable mobile phone spy software for people who have to travel a lot while at work and are forced to leave their staff at their own liberty and freedom; make things less troublesome and swift. The software enables one to monitor his/her staff with a child’s play like account and applications, which can be accessed from almost anywhere there is an internet facility.

The software records all telephonic conversations along with their time, duration and dialled numbers, also keeping an almanac of all the sms and GPS activities. It helps keep a check on the misuse and at the same time spies for one who doubts of any office information leaking out in public or in competitors with authentic evidences and scenarios.

On top of it lies the unbeatable quality of retaining data i.e. the data stays on the owner’s account even if the one using the phone deletes it or tampers with the above leaving not scope of escape, confusion, ambiguity or dilemma. So if one is suspecting a trickster who may be taking salary from your hard money but working for others kicking things ugly for you and your business or else misusing of the given perks finally have an answer with this software to defeat the con artist. So all those heaping high on telephone bills can surely apply the mobile phone spy software and be cooled off for long with their little secret agent.

An answer to distraction: invisible earphones

It is not uncommon to find people at work wearing earphones; trying to relax and bring some peace to the over taxed mind and body. But in the process distracting others who may be dedicatedly involved lowering enthusiasm and breaking the glass of working environment making things so anti-social and also indicating them to not to take up either a casual or formal conversation, presuming interference.

The recent invention of Reece Myers, a 22 year old Brunel University graduate, the invisible earphones will surely bring things at ease in the direction. He claims to build up one inch sophisticated appliance which will directly hit the bone structure placed quiet inner making it almost unnoticeable inspired from the architecture used in hearing aids.

The instrument suggestively connected with a Bluetooth connection to the mp3 outsource, which is already in practice with wireless earphones. With a frequency ranging about 200 to 6000 Hz the high quality still can’t be assured. The innovation is bliss and will surely be utilised to the maximum in the corporate culture, investigators and reporters, who often need to be connected and poked in for recent activities smoothening the convoluted and ever dynamic real life scenarios, reporting and activities. Though the price quoted by the big companies offering the product is on a high end, limiting to just a bunch of people but surely will settle with time and other imitations sooner or later serving many for years.

GSM jammers: moving a step ahead

With the latest 2009 version GSM jammers progressed further with jamming Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections too upgrading the traditional variety of just blocking the phone networks disabling the instrument further. The small sized innovative 3G band package is applicable in all countries; though its use is considered illegal by law varying from place to place.

As of now, most allow the legal use in schools particularly during examinations, hospitals and jails purely banked upon their crucial utilization of a possible deceive, amity and security respectively. The newer version is available at both 1200 and 1400 Mw apt to reach out a range of around 30 to 40 metres i.e. unlike the older construction where the communication was blocked for a phone with enough frequency interference disconnecting any or all signals ranging to a limit of about 9 metres only, and now capable to switch off connectivity of a particular arena as per requirement such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms etc.

With this hi-tech technology too the factors inclusive of the location, inside outside, humidity, temperature, physical blockages etc can’t be sidelined and have to be figured out for effective functioning and use. With a hope of legal recognition worldwide, the manufacturers are putting in their best men and technology to advance to heights in the field of jamming.

GSM bugs: A sharp edge to audio surveillance

For a few investigators and spies, GSM bugs rank much higher in terms of equipment in their course of interrogation, chasing and collecting facts and evidences. While, the GSM bugs have been in the market for some time now but the recent launch of the mini bugs have raised their application and rating further in the field.

Considering the size and convenience the mini GSM bugs are kept small; more or less equivalent to a credit card calibrated very well with an amplified microphone making it extremely audio sensitive.

An intelligent use of a credit card like appearance aids hiding and covers up even after a notice by the surrounding people. The bug is equipped with qualities to pick up even lower and softer voices from a distance of few meters unlike its older versions.

Another addition to the renovated mini GSM is a feature of self regulated answering i.e. when dialed from any BT line or mobile it won’t gain any attention in terms of a ringing tone, vibration or even light further camouflaging the product.

With about 120 hours of standby time and approximately 6 hours of continuous audio surveillance it makes its application an indispensable account too. The product is available in wide range of bands including 800 MHz, 900 MHz or 1800 MHz applicable accordingly. So an investigator may be basking in sun or relaxing he/she surely has a tool keeping an ear on the enemies and suspects.

Will Cell spy outrage phone tapping like older methodologies?

With scientists researching day and night unfolding newer edges of the techno world and human brain, the dreams are on the cloud nine nearly eradicating the term impossible.

The latest eye opener in the direction is the cell spy, a mobile knowingly or unknowingly keeping a check on one’s network activities including conversation records, text messages etc.

They can be applied easily as listening devices to track criminal activities by authorities or personalized use to keep a check on the activities conducted when the owner is away either in his/her home or office.

This has completely refrained and reframed the style of phone tapping, the technique used from decades elevating it to a level of ease and efficiency. Nowadays, spy software can be used to record phone calls and text messages and with the self regulated spying system which activates as soon as a call is initiated.

With these jet age applications, the cell spy can be used as GSM tracker and a call, text message interceptor as well. Apart from these they too can be set forth to record a certain period if necessary working dually i.e. automatic and manual mode.

Though the positive aspects along with legal authorities are superb but the negative influences too can’t be ignored on the other end. The negative trick is to easily intrude into someone life swiftly with just few wires and skilled adjustments.

An answer to bugs; Radio Frequency jammers

The wide spread hi-tech technology gaining heights every second and raising interest and knowledge globally; have also shaped up things a bit ugly with misuse and disorderly conduct very much evident with a rising demand of bugs in the bazaar.

People for their particular interest have initiated their use in vicinity and on close ones invading privacy and in some cases enacting illegally too. With popular audio video bugs all around spying on all your activities make things difficult to sail fine and safe, forcing one to skill ahead in the field and dig for some environmental jammers to block the bug actions.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction again quiet evident with our equipped answer to bugs environmental jammers available in all varieties depending on the requirement.

If technology has a GSM bug then the similar has gifted us with a GSM jammer nullifying the effects there after and so, the compilation is endless. Each one of us when lands up in his or her niche; it may be home, office or mobile phones etc one expects peace and privacy not an environment always trying to unfold secrets or spying, this desire has lead to the prominent use of jammers to make one’s environment warm enough.

Though being cautious and alert is the foremost step to acknowledge bugs but to be on the safer side environmental jammers can too be applied variedly depending on one’s requirements turning worries to ease.

Audio video surveillance: bliss, an investigator

For professionals working in close proximity to the field of security and crime investigations thoroughly realize the ever increasing application and paramount significance of updated and latest surveillance equipments.

These not only facilitate invnoestigations but also enact as an effective tool to fight back illegal issues. The most recent additions to the list are “enigmas” better referred as transmitters, pen recorders and tie cameras.

With audio video surveillance technologies in practice they have supported evidences and authoritative instances aiding justice. Explaining further, the audio surveillance is especially conducted on an individual to keep a check on his/her whereabouts, here a transmitter receiver combination is used.

The recently launched transmitter by eye spy is designed as a mobile phone with a range numbering to thousands of miles facilitating further convenience, under cover and revolutionizing technology at par. Pen recorders imbibed with an inbuilt USB connection make the information easily transferable to a computer in form of mp3 files.
Tie cameras are another field of interest to investigation departments, the pin hole camera placed intelligently on a normal and a very basic neck tie, appearing just as a graceful formal wear, is capable enough to capture clear images even in low lights as well.

The application of a Micro phone video recorder along with a tie camera make this tool even more sought after and indispensable for years to come integrating both the audio and the video aspect upgrading the wholesome idea of audio video surveillance.