Can Spy On:

Pretty much any phone anywhere at any time.

How It Does It:

Or maybe not.

Wiretapping somebody used to be a pain in the ass. Even if they got the warrant, they needed bulky, heavy equipment, needed to have somebody actually there to tap the actual phone calls… it was almost more effort than it was worth. Which is why the FBI now can pretty much just double click an icon on their computer screen and instantly tap into any phone anywhere at any time.

There’s a pretty good Wiretapping app in the App Store.

It’s called DCSNet (Digital Collection System Network) and it is basically a system of computers and software that completely fuses the FBI’s wiretapping outposts with the nation’s voice communications network–landlines, cell phones, VOIP services, you name it. Every phone in America is available to them like URLs in a browser. They type it, click it, and they’re instantly listening.

How is that even possible? Well, there are laws federally mandating a backdoor in every single telephone switch implemented in America (see: the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act). And the telecoms of America were happy to comply as wiretaps have gotten more expensive over the years and that cost just keeps going up (if you were wondering, your privacy is worth $67,000). This wasn’t some crazy response to 9/11, either–this happened back during the Clinton administration.

You’d think this guy would be all about privacy.

The FBI slid right in these backdoors with a long, thick network cable of their very own that’s literally a private phone network and private Internet. DCSNet can just capture phone numbers, or record your calls like Big Brother’s TiVo. It’s just point and click.

But really. We’re probably just being paranoid.

Laser Microphones

Can Spy On:

Anybody with a window.

How It Does It:

Here’s the thing about “bugs,” even if they’re attached to living cockroaches. They have to emit radio waves in order to transmit their signal back to the listeners, which means they’re pretty easy to detect. With the right tools you could scan your apartment right now to see if the feds are listening in.

All they need is a laser microphone. Sound is nothing more than vibrations created in the air. Your thin windows vibrate ever so slightly with every sound (the same principle that lets a certain pitch of voice break glass). So if somebody outside your house can capture that vibration, they can “hear” what’s being said quietly inside the room.

It’s very easy to do. All they need to do is fire a laser at the glass at an angle, and set up a second device to “catch” the reflecting beam. As you talk, the sound wiggles the window, which makes the beam bounce. The listening device can interpret those bounces and translate them back into sound.

Of course, this kind of expensive, high-end device is only available to spy agencies… oh, wait, no: Here’s a guide on how anyone can make their own laser listening device with stuff you can easily buy off the shelf.

But you’ll see this laser beam firing through your window, right? And probably see the red dot on your wall and assume there’s a sniper out there? Not quite. The device doesn’t need visible light to work. You’ll never know they’re doing it. Isn’t science awesome?


Can Spy On:

Anybody with the brains to search for electronic bugs, but not bright enough to bring a flyswatter to squish actual bugs.

How could you hurt something this cute?

How It Does It:

Humanity is united in our disgust and contempt for bugs. They’re vile little bastards. Unless of course you work for the government’s uber-nerd collective, DARPA, and they’re suddenly your best friends, because they make great robots. Why?

One, bugs breed a lot, as anybody who’s had them as houseguests can tell you. Two, they have simple nervous systems and aren’t cuddly, so nobody cares if you rip out their brains and replace them with microchips just to see what happens, which is exactly what DARPA researchers did.

Thanks for all the laughs, DARPA.

It turns out that installing a microchip into the brain of an insect is not only easy, it gives you full control over its ability to do things that are great for surveillance, like fly and cling to walls. Attach a camera or a microphone to the bug and suddenly you’ve got a small, unobtrusive, highly mobile listening device that eats shoe polish and is cheap to replace if it gets crushed.

But we’re pretty sure that was just an afterthought between “Let’s see if we can rip out a bug’s brain and install a microchip!” and “Hey, let’s see if we can make them nuclear powered!” Yes, DARPA wants to give us nuclear cyborg cockroach spies. They use a tiny amount of a radioactive isotope to work as a nuclear battery to power the transmitter to relay back to headquarters what you’re saying or doing.

The by-product is described as “minimal.”

We have no knowledge of whether these have been actually deployed by intelligence agencies, which should be a relief because if they were they would totally tell us.

The spy gadgets that you must be interested in

when we mention the spy gadgets, cheap spy gadgets, there are many kinds of the products that we consider—for example the spy camera, spy pen, spy sunglasses, or spy lipsticks, spy watch……. and so on. Although our word is not at war, so the spy devices are not as popular the time in war, there are still many kinds of the spy products on the market or on the website

The MINOX DCCleica M3(5.0)mini ancient spy camera which is multi—function small camera, it was produced in 1938, and when the product was produced, it attracted many people’s attention, at that time many agency departments used the product to collect the information, in fact, the Minox belongs to the leica company which is the strongest in Germany.

From the time, the company continued to design and produce the new style of the small camera. While the MINOX DCC leica M3 (5.0) was produced in 2007, and the 4 zoom, it support the SD card, and 2.0 USB interface, there is a recording and shooting video functions. With the help of the product you can take pictures or you can shoot the videos, it can enlarge the memory of 4GB. It is 5 mega pixels, so the pictures that you take are very clear, the weight of the product is 110g, it is very light and you can take it with attention.

Spy pen: generally speaking the spy pen looks the same from the appearance, you can write the information that you need. But there is a recording functions and hidden camera in it. so if you want to get to know the information, you can let the pen in your pocket, no one will doubt about you. If you full charged the pen, it can last for 3 hours in recording. After recording the voice or taking the pictures that you need you can edit them on the line with the USB interface. Today as we know that the internet is so popular in our daily life, many people read or watch news on line. The products are welcomed by many people, for example journalist.

Spy watch: when you wear such a product you will find that it is very cool on you. The functions of the product are also powerful. If you have watched the movie 007, you must be attracted by the main actors who worn such a watch. Today you can buy the product from the internet or from the electronic market. It is amazing. The spy watch like a cell phone watch, but you can wear around your wrist, you can play music, take photos and send short messages to each other, you can also communicate with each other.

From the articles that we know there are many kinds of the spy gadgets or cheap spy gadget on the market or website, and I hope that these functions of the products can meet your requirements. I hope that you can get one that you like so much.

DARPA’s Nano-Hummingbird Spy Drone

Hummingbird Drone AeroVironment

A year and a half ago, we saw our first look at DARPA’s hummingbird drone, a teeny robotic spyplane inspired by the mid-air dexterity of the hummingbird. But now we’ve got a video of the drone in action, much more capable and with the ability to do its acrobatics for much longer.

The drone, built by AeroVironment with funding from DARPA, is able to fly forwards, backwards, and sideways, as well as rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Not only does the ‘bot resemble its avian inspiration in size (it’s only slightly larger than a hummingbird, with a 6.5-inch wingspan and a weight of 19 grams), it also looks impressively like a hummingbird in flight. That’s not vanity–it’s key to the drone’s use as a spy device, as it can perch near its subject without alerting it (supposing that area has a population of hummingbirds–the usual reaction to seeing a hummingbird here in midtown Manhattan is something like “OMG you guys look at the hummingbird!!!!!!,” which is not necessarily an ideal situation for a spy-drone).

The drone can currently fly for about eight minutes, impressive considering that range was only 20 seconds a short two years ago. But the engineers aren’t satisfied, branding the current drone a prototype and continuing to work on it. Within a decade, says AeroVironment’s project manager, this drone could easily be counted on to carry out complex and difficult reconnaissance missions.

Protect Your Business From Criminals

In April 2009, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services made headlines news when an employee’s laptop was stolen. The laptop stored the social security numbers of about one million Oklahoma residents who were receiving government assistance. Their names, dates of birth, and home addresses were also saved to this laptop. The personal information was unencrypted. In other words, anyone could retrieve the data directly from the laptop.

This year in January, the Plainfield, New Jersey, school district’s computer network system was hacked. The hackers did no damage to the database, but they did post on the message boards, stating that the cost of school lunches changed to 9,000 dollars and students only needed one credit to be eligible for graduation.

These are only two of many news stories that have covered incidents in which company computer databases have been hacked. Some of these incidents were more damaging than others, but regardless, they are all illegal and in some ways preventable. When hackers invade computer network databases, they sometimes purposely damage entire servers. They steal personal information like social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other information that could be used for their financial benefit. Sometimes hackers breach security without stealing any information or people’s identities; their motives are sometimes unknown. In some cases, former employees breach security and ruin important records as a way of retaliation against the company that fired them.

Government agencies, worldwide companies, and even small businesses use different kinds of security measures, especially with their computer network databases. Although some are more intricate than others, no such security system has a 100-percent chance of preventing breaches. However, there are ways to ensure that the risk of a security breach on a computer network database is slim. You might be part of a global entity, a regional business, or a local company. No matter what, though, you should do all that you can to protect any employee or consumer data that might be stored on your computer network database.

If your business requires employees to have HID access cards, you should periodically run tests to find out if they are correctly encoded. This way, you would know if people have been accidentally given access to restricted records that are kept on computer network databases. Also, it could also help you find out if anyone has purposely encoded their own HID access cards to gain access to records in an illegal way. This could prevent criminal mischief, and it could also help your business terminate anyone who is attempting to do any illegal acts against the company or specific employees.

To further protect any vital personal information of your employees and any consumers, you should consider doing all HID access printing production in-house rather than hiring a printing company. By doing this, you prevent outside people from making their own HID cards to illegally gain access to your company’s computer network databases, or the company’s actual business building. There are many trusted brands, such as the Zebra printer, that could be purchased for the use in any kind of business. The Zebra printer and other printer brands could also have a pass code, which ensures that only certain employees are able to use the printer and produce HID or any other form of employee ID cards.

CCTV Systems

Nowadays, video cameras have become one of the most common things used by many people. Different people use them for different purposes. Some people use cameras while enjoying with their families & to capture those memorable moments; whereas, some people use them for security purpose.

Today, security being one of the biggest concerns, installation of a well enhanced security unit has become very important. You will find many enhanced video cameras available in the market. CCTV is one of those video cameras used for securing many places like: Railways, Airports, Banks, Malls, Jewelry shops, very sensitive areas where most of the criminal activities are likely to take place.

The CCTV system helps to transmit signals to a specific place & on limited set of monitors. These are mostly those areas which are under surveillance. It is very important for government to keep these places very secure and under observation throughout the day. In order to secure all these places and keep a watch on activities happening, CCTV’s (also known as Surveillance cameras) are installed at these sensitive areas.

CCTV system has succeeded in controlling the criminal activities; however, it has not completely eradicated them. These units are big evidences for any criminal activities that take place. Along with the installation of these units, it is also important to monitor these areas thoroughly.

Also, other important units in this system are spy gadgets. They are the advanced versions used to secure your place. These spy gadgets can be used by any individual as they come in various portable equipments like your mobile phone, pen, your AC adapter, ladies purse and your sun glasses etc.

These equipments help you to secure many places and also protect you from any outside threat. These gadgets are portable and easily available in the market.

Hi-Tech Spy Equipments

In this hi-tech era, whether you have to monitor your employees in the office or to inspect your children’s mobile phone that what are they doing, spy surveillance system must be required for the monitoring. In this competitive era, no one has enough time to monitor their employees as well as their children physically. So, the importance of spy equipment in terms of mobile or hidden cameras is crucial to monitor your employees’ or children’s activities by sitting anywhere. There is no any need of inspection by going here and there if you have already installed spy system in your office or the place where you need to monitor. If you have installed the spy surveillance system in your office, it doesn’t mean that you can monitor your employees securely and safely. You will have to install the latest and updated spy software from which your monitoring could accurate, easy and reliable. Means, you will always have to update about your spy equipments and the software which are to be used in it. There are various kinds of spy equipments available in the market and you can purchase it as per your custom needs and requirements, that too within your financial budget. Have a glance on these equipments which are mentioned below:

It’s like a small tiny surveillance system which acts deliberately as a spy cam and no one can believe it. Such pen is ideal for convert surveillance by putting in your pocket and you can record it in an easy and convenient way.

It’s one of the most secret ways to record each and every moment you want to record your employees’ activities in the office. In this equipment, camera is fitted in the glasses and it’s one of the popular surveillance systems.

It’s another amazed way to record the activities of your employees or children at office or home respectively. Who can imagine that your watch is equipped with hidden camera and you are recording each & every activity in a very convenient, comfortable and reliable way.

  • Spy Mobile Camera

There are many hi-tech mobiles available in the markets which are equipped with high quality camera. Theses mobiles are also used as a surveillance system. Although, it’s not a secret way for spying activities however it’s used because there is no any need of installation spy cameras.

Spy Technology – Top 5 Gadgets Available to the Public

Throughout the years, there have been many dazzling bits of spy technology that have wowed the crowds and left them wondering, “what if that was possible?” In many cases, this equipment has become a reality and is available in stores and online to any customer willing to make the purchase. Some types of “spy technology” are used in our daily lives.

The Top Gadgets Available

There are five primary espionage movie gadgets available to the public for purchase. These include:

1. Microchips
2. Flashlights with extra features
3. Incredible watches
4. Remote monitoring equipment
5. Mobile phones


Microchips are becoming smaller and smaller. As a result, they are in nearly every piece of equipment around. In espionage movies, microchips would act as a “homing beacon” or global positioning system (GPS) to track the hero. They would typically be embedded in his jacket or on another other article of clothing. Although this type of “spy technology” isn’t standard in microchipping a human, many animal shelters provide this service. GPS systems are available in most mobile devices to track where your friends or children are currently located.

Flashlights with Extra Features

In the movies, the hero had a flashlight that had many functions. Currently available to consumers are flashlights that also work as a two-way radio in the case of an emergency. Other common elements found on a flashlights include laser pointers, UV lighting, laser sights, sirens, mobile device chargers and blinking lights for emergencies.

Incredible Watches

Watches in espionage movies always had to be flashy while multifunctional. Current watches provide audio recording and display video with microcard expansion storage. Other features include small weapons, a USB drive, a mobile phone and a screen to play recordings. The bulkier the watch, the more features it can provide.

Remote Monitoring Equipment

Espionage movies often show a hero monitoring a villain from some type of device. Remote monitoring equipment currently serves many purposes in modern society. Web cams and home surveillance equipment can help you see into your residence from a remote location. This is also beneficial for businesses, banks, laboratories or any other type of area that needs monitoring. There’s even an entire industry devoted to hidden cameras.

Mobile Phones

Mobile devices are used by most of us daily. We live in a fast-moving, need-an-answer now society. Mobile communication allows us to be connected at all times and has had a major impact on all societies. Previous spy technology depicted in movies involved shoe phones, small two-way buttons to click and chat and satellite phones. Although advanced at the time, mobile phones have evolved beyond that technology to offer so many more features. Mobile phones offer games, cameras, texting, video recording, video chat, internet access, email access and much other advancement from the shoe phone.

The gadgets used in various espionage movies over the years have surpassed our wildest dreams. The equipment of the future has become the advancements of today. Who knows, the gear we are impressed with in movies today, could be available to consumers in the near future.

Yet another GPS watch, but this time it’s the base model

Lately we reviewed a few devices which feature GPS technology, be it mobile phones used to keep track of your children’s whereabouts, spy phones that secretly send you the geographical coordinates of its user, or GPS compasses that allow you to find your way back to your hotel or your car in an unknown city.

The GPS watch manufactured by Thanko is nothing like the examples above, as its operation is not focused on a real time usage, but it is rather used to track down, at a later stage, the movements of the person who is wearing it.

The GPSTRVBK model (no idea what this mysterious acronym might stand for), basically, records its position at fixed time intervals thanks to its tiny embedded GPS receiver. Once you are back home, you can connect it to your computer thanks to the USB cable, and download position information stored on the GPS watch.

At this point, all you have to do is transfer this information on sites such as Google Maps, and you will easily be able to obtain a visual rendition of the wearer’s movements during the day. The possible application fields of GPSTRVBK watch’s characteristics can be, for example, surveillance of prisoners released on parole, to make sure that they abide by the restrictions imposed by the law.

Alternatively, it can be a useful tool to keep eyes on a spouse who seems to be fooling around a bit too much, maybe disguising it as a birthday or anniversary gift. It is currently available only in men’s version, so it could be useful for concerned wives who want to be reassured on their husbands’ trustworthiness.

So, my dear cheating husbands, pay attention to your wife’s presents, that new watch she bought you might be hiding a small surprise