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Heavy or dangerous jobs? Delegate them… to a robot!

When precision and reliability must be absolute and beyond doubt, and the slightest error can cost dearly, we humans always face, like it or not, the possibility of an error. And if this error can even cost us our life, a wise move can be resorting to technology, more specifically robotics. To handle dangerous or […]

New therapies with fetal cells: a ray of hope from China for ALS patients

Researches on neuro-regeneration, that is, recovery of functionalities by the central nervous system (CNS), are one of the most important fields of research in neuroscience, as they involve, among several others, different branches of neurosurgery, neurology, and even traditional Chinese medicine. Until now, clinical resolution of any injuries or strokes to the central nervous system, […]

How mobile phone eavesdropping works: short guide

Explaining it in a few words is certainly not an easy task, but we can give it a try. In short, telephone conversations are transmitted in an encrypted way, and the encryption is carried out through 3 different algorithms with different encoding and security levels. Two of these algorithms, named A8 and A5, respectively at […]

Is your phone equipped with spy software window mobile OS?

The spy software window mobile OS, is particularly designed keeping in mind the users outside America. The spy software is for anyone who wants to keep a check on kids, partner, employees, suspects or criminals either to fade out suspicions or catch hold of all existing loopholes, frauds and schemas. It is often observed that […]

What’s new with Spy phone window mobile?

Spy phone window mobile is a bliss to spies monitoring a number of suspects simultaneously and may be due any reason are not able to personally attend each suspect’s calls and cellular activities at one point of time. This is a Gordian and elaborates activity that secretly retrieves all data and then uploads all mobile […]

Is Smart phone spy software a solution to all worries?

Spies and public figures are often featured and brought to limelight to dig out latest ways of audio surveillance, but with ever increasing infidelity all over, it is no longer observed that the spying field is just limited to the celebs circle. It is not uncommon to find parents, partners and business men struggling hard […]

Does the hi-tech HTC spy phone works wonders?

With the spying industry mushrooming profusely, there have been a lot of practical innovations in the field to suit all demands. Along with legal authorisation many of the products too can be reached by general public to accomplish their spying needs or ventures either to monitor employees when away or to maintain constant surveillance on […]

Reading glasses for the 21st century

Imagine yourselves as being able to read an entire book without holding it in your hands, or rather without having the book with you as it does not exist on paper. And imagine being able to do it not with your hands, but simply by moving your eyes or fluttering your eyelids. The Fraunhofer Institut […]

Artificial kidneys that you can wear just like a belt

Maybe they will never make it to the cover of a fashion magazine, but they can certainly improve the conditions of life of dialysis patients. Wearable Artificial Kidneys or WAK, as the acronym goes, are a miniature dialysis machine, mounted on a belt, which can be worn allowing the patient to move freely while benefiting […]

Is the latest GSM interceptor bliss to spies?

Audio surveillance is a broad and comprehensive field that encompasses many functions in society’s and government’s efforts to control crime and fade out suspicion. Endoacustica enables to gain valuable understanding of all components of the field. Within the range of surveillance products, GSM interceptor has established a stable footing in the spying field. A GSM […]