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Mobile spy: software that works in your absence

The long time worry of phone misuse in offices and unguided conversations of kids when left home all alone when at work has finally come to an end with simple innovative mobile spy software, it facilitates by recording conversations and all kind of phone activities which can be followed simply on one’s own laptop time […]

Mobile phone spy: your secret agent

With byzantine mechanics working efficiently behind the easily applicable mobile phone spy software for people who have to travel a lot while at work and are forced to leave their staff at their own liberty and freedom; make things less troublesome and swift. The software enables one to monitor his/her staff with a child’s play […]

An answer to distraction: invisible earphones

It is not uncommon to find people at work wearing earphones; trying to relax and bring some peace to the over taxed mind and body. But in the process distracting others who may be dedicatedly involved lowering enthusiasm and breaking the glass of working environment making things so anti-social and also indicating them to not […]

GSM jammers: moving a step ahead

With the latest 2009 version GSM jammers progressed further with jamming Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections too upgrading the traditional variety of just blocking the phone networks disabling the instrument further. The small sized innovative 3G band package is applicable in all countries; though its use is considered illegal by law varying from place to place. […]

GSM bugs: A sharp edge to audio surveillance

For a few investigators and spies, GSM bugs rank much higher in terms of equipment in their course of interrogation, chasing and collecting facts and evidences. While, the GSM bugs have been in the market for some time now but the recent launch of the mini bugs have raised their application and rating further in […]

Will Cell spy outrage phone tapping like older methodologies?

With scientists researching day and night unfolding newer edges of the techno world and human brain, the dreams are on the cloud nine nearly eradicating the term impossible. The latest eye opener in the direction is the cell spy, a mobile knowingly or unknowingly keeping a check on one’s network activities including conversation records, text […]

An answer to bugs; environmental jammers

The wide spread hi-tech technology gaining heights every second and raising interest and knowledge globally; have also shaped up things a bit ugly with misuse and disorderly conduct very much evident with a rising demand of bugs in the bazaar. People for their particular interest have initiated their use in vicinity and on close ones […]

Audio video surveillance: bliss, an investigator

For professionals working in close proximity to the field of security and crime investigations thoroughly realize the ever increasing application and paramount significance of updated and latest surveillance equipments. These not only facilitate investigations but also enact as an effective tool to fight back illegal issues. The most recent additions to the list are “enigmas” […]