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Shotgun Microphones for all seasons!

Using a directional microphone is recommended for a wide array of diverse applications, ranging from long-distance surveillance, to monitoring possible gas leaks thanks to extremely sensitive microphones which can pick up sounds with frequencies above reach of the human ear. There are laser microphones which, by pointing a laser beam on a window several hundred […]

Mini spy planes: the future is now

Mini spy planes or MAV’s (Micro Air vehicles) are starting to give a different idea of what video surveillance is, both in the military and civilian field. In a costant race towards improvement, new prototypes are being developed which sport the most extreme shapes, often inspired by nature. Obviously the most common source of inspiration […]

Ever dynamic Digital micro recorders

With an attempt to make undercover investigations an absolute success many lay their hands on the latest digital micro recorders, they have given a sharp edge to the term with avant-garde innovative camouflages used and modulated them from time to time to continue the sweet fruit shower without culprit notice. Variety is the demand to […]

Aerial video surveillance: your third eye

Keeping into mind the security and defense perspectives, remotely operated aerial video surveillance has been in practice for quite a while now. Though the presentation could never be relied as completely authentic or coordinated with actual activities based on continuous motion resulting in consequent confusing images and delineation even with translational models particularly designed to […]

Your personal assistant: micro recorder

Keeping pace with the hectic present day schedules is tiring and it is even more hard and messy these days to maintain a note of everything which may be needed sooner or later for reference or record. Though manual help has been serving millions since years we can think of but still a loophole of […]