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Radio controlled helicopters: a pleasurable pastime or an etched video surveillance gizmo

Initial fascination in any subject of interest is very obvious especially in toddlerhood where a mere toy is enough to keep a child glued for weekends  together. Self controlled toys usually top the charts with greater involvement and activity. Apart from the frolic and hobby segment there are few serving the field of surveillance with […]

Is your jammer perfect to crack all odds?

With the booming rise of cell phones in the last two decades, the noise level and intrusion of privacy has heightened to a level of irritation and disturbing inflammation. As we say, need is the mother of all inventions, has ultimately lead to the development of a counter act known as jammer. Though it is […]

Is your night vision accurate to judge danger?

The term night vision often raises suspicion and danger in the mind of a reader leaving him / her amused to believe its existence and legitimacy. But the scientific development accurately has hit the nail in the direction and fetched trustworthy results helping millions extending from soldiers, nature explorers, police officials, security guards and many […]