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Matters of the heart over the Internet

The first heart surgery for implant of a pacemaker took place in 1958, and the battery powering the device went exhausted after 3 hours. In total, the first patient received 26 different pacemakers in the 43 years following his first historical surgery. Since those times, heart surgery and technology have taken giant leaps forward, all […]

Seeing from a bird’s point of view

Boeing and the Austrian company Schiebel Industries are setting up a cooperation in order to distribute the S-100 Camcopter radio-operated mini helicopter, manufactured by Schiebel, which can carry up to 50 kg (or 25 kg in standard configuration) with an operating time of 6 hours. Generally, Camcopter is teamed up with video or photographic equipment, […]

Total control, at any distance: become a secret agent

Since Cold War times, surveillance technology has taken giant leaps forward, by launching on the market some listening devices which are getting more and more sophisticated, more powerful, and always smaller. On the other hand, the trend of these spy devices’ cost is inversely proportional. Nowadays, in fact, covert listening devices have a price that […]

Paparazzo wannabe? Try a Spy Lens

The secret lens is made to obtain high-quality images, while the pictured subject is not aware of having someone taking pictures of them, therefore allowing for a perfect level of realism and candidness. Perfect to take pictures of people in natural poses or for covert photos (for example when paparazzi want to take sneak pictures […]

Wall microphone stethoscope: highly sensitive gizmo ears

The famous Chinese proverb “walls have ears” has finally shaped up with the tactful application of intelligence, architecture and technology in the form of a sophisticated instrument known as wall microphone stethoscope. Active crime scene workers and spies often complained of a lack of tool to make a secure way to the insecure zone full […]

Receivers / Transmitters weaving a stalwart connectivity web

Receivers and transmitters form an inevitable combination in the techno world, applied with quite an acclamation during an event, war, investigation or local check within the officers in charge keeping them alert, equipped and also passing on the required information about the other side of events thus rendering channelized regulation. They are available in a […]