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Are your Cell Phones encrypted?

Illegal cell phone interception has been on a bang for quite a while now; with easily operable and cheaper options readily available in bazaars. Interception in simple words can be described as an application which when active can aid remote monitoring of all telephonic conversations, sms’s, even GPRS activities along with the phone book and […]

Can you break through all obstacles with wall microphones?

The latest sensation within the actively involved investigators is the yielding result of wall microphones, these enables one to receive audio signals through walls, glass and even steel in hard unguided situations alerting and directing correctly. Most apparatus includes exterior interior microphones, stethoscope earphones and amplifiers to deliver quality product and conduct equipped enough to […]

Is your audio Monitoring Kit superbly equipped?

Often, spies and investigators apply audio monitors on suspects to keep a check on illegal activities focused either on an individual or a specific locale as per situations. With technology reaching extremes there are products available in markets assuring even to figure out a pin drop when activated. The checklist of equipment to be included […]

How far bugs audio surveillance is competent?

The surveillance field has registered rising use of audio bugs during the last decades; these normally can be fixed up in a place, vehicle or room under surveillance working as potent voice transmitters. The audio bugs are equipped with quality microphones to enhance the intensity and quality of sound on receiver end and also increasing […]