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Let me slip into something light and I am ready…

For those who always have an eye for personal safety and security, but do not want to make the people around them uncomfortable, especially during informal occasions such as receptions or open-air parties, the Colombian fashion designer Miguel Caballero has designed a polo shirt which, at a first casual glance, may appear just like an […]

Two kilos, one meter. A seagull? No, a plane!

In war zones, especially if the terrain’s morphology is not suitable for sending armed troops for a reconnaissance operation, or where a plane would be in danger of being brought down by enemy forces, the usage of drones, or UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) such as RQ-11 Raven has become commonplace. RQ-11 Raven, produced by the […]

Video monitoring kits: a security professional at work

Today we all stand as a part of spying and security industry in one way or other, everyone at some point of time realise the need of video surveillance may be to maintain a defended intimate shelter or to fade out suspicions. The video monitoring kits are quiet a craze these days, most include disguised […]

Can you imitate as a girl or a guy with voice changers?

It is not uncommon to cite examples of attempt to sound differently when young, many during child play have tried to raise their voice variedly for fun. But with technical advancements over decades there are gadgets available to shape up the voice change to real. Voice changers refer to a tool apt enough to modify […]

Does your suitcase security bother you?

Business men, secret agents and high officials carrying currency, valuables or important documents while travelling, often feel the need of a case to securely pass through their ways. With hi-tech labour the development of suitcases equipped to fight back theft, lost or robbery has answered all queries in this direction. These secured boxes when left […]

Is a spy gear inevitable?

Ever since the application of prevalent hi-tech spy equipments in public either to maintain security, keep a check or to prevent an outbreak has left many amused for years together. The curiosity has continuously rose all over the public; initiating a desire to privately own and use a spy gear. With private companies acting tactfully […]

Is your computer passing on illegal stuff, Check with hi-tech key logger?

As internet is on a top notch in terms of global communication, sharing knowledge and information, its potential to be misused by illegal or anti social activists can’t be ignored. The widespread medium especially in public places such as libraries, hotels, schools or cyber cafes where the computers are easily accessible by many can turn […]

Is your defence intercepted phone perfect?

Keeping in to consideration the spying advancements and their ever increasing application it has become a need for everyone to take a step forward to demarcate a personal security zone equipped with counter surveillance to combat intrusion. Earlier years have noticed the advent use of spying appliances on a professional or government level to monitor […]

For your eyes only… or for your fingers?

Ennova Direct has introduced a new USB drive which promises to become the industry standard as far as portable drives’ security and privacy are concerned. The new USB flash drive, which is scheduled to be launched on the market by the first quarter of 2010, aside from featuring a retractable and protected USB plug, is […]

Is your GPS locator sucking up too much power? Change its engine!

If your mobile phone is equipped with a GPS locator, you will probably have noticed that, when you use the navigation system, the battery drains faster than when you are using the phone for calls and messages. This happens because the process of downloading the satellite position information takes approximately 30 seconds, during which a […]