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Can Aerial video surveillance serve hi-tech security?

With a demanding issue of security there has been a constant rise in the private as well as public use of aerial video surveillance products to manage a spy free aura and sideline all suspicions away. Also at the same time these tools aid to keep things under a controlled eye. With newer techniques and […]

Are you jumbled up with outdated Transceivers?

A couple of years ago, the transceiver was simply defined a dual combination of a transmitter and a receiver; both functioning with same circuits or a single housing. Depending on their capacity to receive and transmit signals they are designated as half duplex and full duplex, i.e. an instrument which enabled both transmission and reception […]

Are you capable enough with antitheft / defence personnel strategies?

With corruption on a high, trust quotient has severely lowered thereby a tactful tool of anti theft / defence personnel has to be adopted to survive and excel. As very well quoted by John Dryden “Self-defence is Nature’s eldest law”, though the natural medium has to be altered with progressive hi-tech technology to keep up […]

Have you bagged the most appropriate covert devices?

Audio surveillance is a field where the device requirements are truly individualistic and idiosyncratic. Though performance is the key feature but it is often noticed that some vigilant spies and investigators lay extra importance to the size, disguise, amplification etc. Everyone has their own set of required features when it comes to covert devices. Some […]

Are you secure with access control?

Whether you are a business man, a home maker, a shop owner or an employee, the need of a full proof access control is inevitable. No one ever even in the weirdest of their dreams imagine a break in or a leak out of personal data at any cost. People to satisfy the needful employ […]