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Reading glasses for the 21st century

Imagine yourselves as being able to read an entire book without holding it in your hands, or rather without having the book with you as it does not exist on paper. And imagine being able to do it not with your hands, but simply by moving your eyes or fluttering your eyelids. The Fraunhofer Institut […]

Artificial kidneys that you can wear just like a belt

Maybe they will never make it to the cover of a fashion magazine, but they can certainly improve the conditions of life of dialysis patients. Wearable Artificial Kidneys or WAK, as the acronym goes, are a miniature dialysis machine, mounted on a belt, which can be worn allowing the patient to move freely while benefiting […]

Is the latest GSM interceptor bliss to spies?

Audio surveillance is a broad and comprehensive field that encompasses many functions in society’s and government’s efforts to control crime and fade out suspicion. Endoacustica enables to gain valuable understanding of all components of the field. Within the range of surveillance products, GSM interceptor has established a stable footing in the spying field. A GSM […]

Do you have special video systems?

With ever speeding crime, the need of smarter spies and spy equipments is rising day by day. With traditional tools in the limelight their use is very limited and risky too. With calibrated minds acting even more cunningly; there is a continuous introduction of newer ways to aid special video facilities. Endoacustica leading the charts […]

Are Endoacustica tools apt for Civil Defence?

Civil defence for any country is exclusively geared up to save maximum lives, public property and to keep up the normal functioning during dangerous situations such as wars, military executions or natural disasters. A dangerous situation is the one which turns up suddenly without any warning signs leading to severe trauma to public, objects and […]

Are Wireless Cameras your passion?

Impressed with the bond flicks and mission impossible kind’s hi-fi movies, full of fictional stuff the youth has initiated a constant desire to own these spy equipments. Though a few decades ago these tools were only limited to crime investigators but with liberal laws and companies working hard to satisfy the required; things have changed […]


It looks like a scene from a James Bond movie: imagine two spies, placed on two adjacent roofs or mountain peaks and equipped with binoculars to look around, who can use these very binoculars not only to look, but also to talk to each other! It may look like science fiction, but it is already […]

Mission Impossible: Breaking into the safest USB drive on Earth!

When you use a USB flash drive, you have basically two main reasons of concern: the first is that the handy stick may inadvertently serve as a vessel to spread viruses, malware or spyware, thus infecting computers on which it is used, and the second is that the stored data may end up in the […]