Can Aerial video surveillance serve hi-tech security?


With a demanding issue of security there has been a constant rise in the private as well as public use of aerial video surveillance products to manage a spy free aura and sideline all suspicions away. Also at the same time these tools aid to keep things under a controlled eye. With newer techniques and calibrations various products are available to suit individual needs. May it be police, military or an event organiser each one at some point has felt the inevitable use of the aerial videos. Endoacustica with its expertise has various equipments to suit all varied desires and requirements. To begin is the heli-V series all designed with high resolution cameras, remote controls and light weighed to protect the pedestrians in case of a faulty falls. The heli-V1 is a radio controlled helicopter equipped with high quality 6 channel frequency transmitter.

Next is the heli-V2, economical and integrated with anti-vibration mounting system to work for 12 to 15 minutes. The heli-V3 is almost double the size of heli-V2 perfect for photography and surveillance. Another economical option is the heli-V4 capable to video shoot an approximate area of about 2000 feet. Progressing ahead with the heli-V series is the miniature radio controlled blimp wireless video system better referred as BL-S1, primarily used with a helium balloon to reach skies and cover wider extents. The pipeline of apparatus has surely highlighted Endoacustica as a leading name in the field of aerial video surveillance.

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