Are Endoacustica tools apt for Civil Defence?

Are Endoacustica tools apt for  Civil Defence?

Civil defence for any country is exclusively geared up to save maximum lives, public property and to keep up the normal functioning during dangerous situations such as wars, military executions or natural disasters. A dangerous situation is the one which turns up suddenly without any warning signs leading to severe trauma to public, objects and surroundings resulting in loss of precious lives. These scenarios usually cause a lot of disruption generating disappointment, misery and infelicity. This is where Endoacustica comes into play to help the lives of millions during these helpless situations.

It is often experienced that during any natural or manmade disaster, it becomes difficult to revive all survivors either due to lack of resources or due to the extra time taken to reach them through obstacles such as walls requiring complete damage to excess the other side. With the latest tool named Prisma, Endoacustica has imparted a sigh of relief in the field, though it can be only applied with legal enforcements. Prisma is an equipment which when applied is capable enough to generate a three dimensional picture of all movements behind the obstructing structure whether concrete, wooden or else 9 inch brick wall. This mere civil defence aids rescue teams to work fruitfully in directions indicating lives behind them extending to a range of 20 metres, saving them and resources with timely intervention.

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