Have you bagged the most appropriate covert devices?

Have you bagged the most  appropriate covert devices?

Audio surveillance is a field where the device requirements are truly individualistic and idiosyncratic. Though performance is the key feature but it is often noticed that some vigilant spies and investigators lay extra importance to the size, disguise, amplification etc. Everyone has their own set of required features when it comes to covert devices. Some are concerned about the duration of recording, some about their adaptability with other devices and some about their extent again depending on the spying schema and demand. With a variety of digital equipments, available at Endoacustica there is one for each, we work committed to cover the extremes of conditions and requirements with satisfying results, particularly keeping in mind the disguise factor.

May it be a spy phone, a listening device, telephone bugs, amplifiers or a recorder we have an appropriate hi-tech answer to all. With us it is no longer a dream to hear through thick walls; remotely control bugs with just sms’s or else have a vision comparable to an owl in moonless nights. Endoacustica, working in synch with the spy industry and law enforcements has also enabled general public to access these covert devices. So if you are a business man, a busy parent or a worried partner you have an answer to all your queries with excellent audio surveillance via Endoacustica. Here we work not only to provide the best in industry but also put in our brilliant minds to further keep up the futuristic view point.

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