Is your phone equipped with spy software window mobile OS?

Is your phone equipped with spy  software window mobile OS?

The spy software window mobile OS, is particularly designed keeping in mind the users outside America. The spy software is for anyone who wants to keep a check on kids, partner, employees, suspects or criminals either to fade out suspicions or catch hold of all existing loopholes, frauds and schemas. It is often observed that unchecked activities render to misuse sooner or later. Parents when away from kids and employers suspecting employees in case of a leak out of information or misuse, have no longer have to worry with the upgraded and newer version software.

It aids to secretly monitor all telephonic activities including call conversations; sms’s, phone book, even GPRS activities and also helps track locations of the windows mobile simultaneously uploading it all to a personal web account to analyze later as and when required. Also initiating alerts to the investigator when any of the target specific numbers are dialled. And the spy can too actively get involved in the middle of a two way conversation without giving a hint to the suspect in form of light, vibration or sound. The software is a stealth venture serving millions. With spy software window mobile OS technology even the software can be utilized outside USA, so if one is leaving not residing in the country too can now take full advantages of the product with Endoacustica.

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