Do you have special video systems?

Do you have special video  systems?

With ever speeding crime, the need of smarter spies and spy equipments is rising day by day. With traditional tools in the limelight their use is very limited and risky too. With calibrated minds acting even more cunningly; there is a continuous introduction of newer ways to aid special video facilities. Endoacustica leading the charts of spy equipments offer the widest range of these camouflaged video recorders. To begin is the latest handgun audio video recording system which when used with a camera won’t let even a single moment uncaptured, ideal for crime scene investigators for future reference and evidence. Next to add on is the dvr-torch, especially designed keeping the utmost requirement of light on top.

The equipment offers wide clear coverage even in darker areas enacting a perfect under cover. Often the need of a flexible instrument convenient to pass through key holes, or to be hanged from a building to reach the window panels of the lower floors was felt, but not anymore with Endoacustica’s snake camera, flexible and extendable as per demanded. Further the range inculcates sunglasses camera, which will record videos corresponding to the spy’s own natural vision and proving a flawless disguise. With the flourishing use of invisible, it was commonly observed that certain facts went unnoticed with normal cameras; keeping into mind the needful a special video infra red camera featured to pick these is prepared from our experts. The list is endless with dvr-watch, wireless pen camera and much more.

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