What’s new with Spy phone window mobile?

What’s new with Spy phone  window mobile?

Spy phone window mobile is a bliss to spies monitoring a number of suspects simultaneously and may be due any reason are not able to personally attend each suspect’s calls and cellular activities at one point of time. This is a Gordian and elaborates activity that secretly retrieves all data and then uploads all mobile activity reports to an internet account to scrutinise and analyse further to the finest details in case of suspicion. Apart from the call records it also aids to keep a record of all sms’s, call duration, call history and even contact names present in the phonebook corresponding to each call. Endoacustica, has made value additions to the surveillance field and spy products time to time and with latest advancements has also upgraded with the newer versions of spy phone window mobile where the software functions can be remotely regulated with a sms.

The latest also includes the activation of an integrated microphone for desired specific numbers to have clarity of the two way conversation along with the surrounding noise. Further there are equipments developed to expedite direct download into the device i.e. without any cables or so. Endoacustica flourishes a range of spy phone window mobile along with the leading companies namely Nokia and Siemens at affordable prices to suit all demands and expenses, also keeping the spies and investigators equipped with innovative and latest varieties in the surveillance field.

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