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Spying a suspect in a hotel: cold blood and technology

When you are carrying out a surveillance and monitoring operation, you may happen to have to follow your suspect inside a hotel. In such cases, you must be extra careful and be as nondescript as possible, to avoid arising any unnecessary attention either from the suspect or the hotel staff. The first step is obtaining […]

Spy Phone, a technologically advanced solution against organized crime

Often the efficiency of the judiciary system is hampered by laws, such as for example the bill that is being discussed in Italy about eavesdropping, which limit investigation capabilities from law enforcement, actually doing a favor to organized crime, money launderers and criminals of various kinds. To be sure to gather as much evidence as […]

An aerial surveillance system which works day and night

BAE Systems has developed and delivered to the US Army the first item of a continuous flight aerial surveillance system, capable of handling aerial monitoring operations with an extended operating range, and a constant activity around the clock, to be used in theaters of operations with an uneasy or rough terrain. The AWAPSS (Airborne Wide […]

GPS guidance for weapons mounted on drones: precision with no risk for troops

The Hunter drones, or UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), produced by Los Angeles-based Northrop Grumman, will soon be equipped with Viper Strike, a system capable of assisting the missiles guidance systems thanks to laser and GPS positioning, to strike both fixed and moving targets. Hunter MQ-5B is currently used for reconnaissance, aerial surveillance and target acquisition. […]

Video surveillance, a booming business in the Russian marketplace

The Russian government seems to pay particular attention to Internet technologies. In fact, president Medvedev, in his latest speech, has more than once made direct references to the development of broadband access, which should be widespread even in the most remote corners of that big country, paying particular attention to electronic documentation management and remote […]

Small unmanned transport planes, made in Russia

The Russian industry Kronstadt, a branch of the Moscow-based aerospace and defense holding Oboronprom, has developed a new remote controlled drone, or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for military purposes. The new Dozor-3, otherwise called Dozor-600, is a miniature plane with a total takeoff weight of 600 kilos (hence the name), capable of carrying up to […]

A new state-of-the art micro digital recorder from Olympus

At the Berlin IFA, Olympus has introduced its new model of miniature digital recorder, the LS-11 model, which will be available for sale within a few weeks at a price around 400 dollars. It is a microrecorder which, despite its small size, encompasses a series of features which make it a real professional recording system. […]

A vandalism-proof surveillance camera

As we know too well, surveillance is now a vital aspect of our modern society: companies, institutions, banks and private individuals find themselves in need to protect their offices or their homes against any kind of non authorized access, and the most common solution is given by video surveillance cameras. Too often though, these cameras […]

Batteries with silicon, up to 10 times more powerful!

A few days ago, we talked about a research aimed at testing usage of graphene-based electrodes in production of Lithium-ion batteries that would last up to 3 times longer. Today, we are here to inform you about a new development in this direction, which could cause batteries to last even 10 times longer thanks to […]

A laser beam against paparazzi on Abramovich’s new yacht.

Relax, this is no gossip about the Russian tycoon’s private life, after all what you are reading is a technology oriented blog! Those of you who actually follow the latest gossip news, though, might be familiar with the fact that the owner of Chelsea Football Club is waiting for delivery of his Eclipse, that is, […]