Archive for September 8th, 2009

Talk on the phone, while filming what is going on around you

In the audio and video surveillance field, it is vital not to cause any kind of possible suspicion in the people being kept under observation. To achieve this, it is important to provide yourselves with tools that allow gathering of information in a discreet way and without arising any unnecessary attention and which do not […]

Hidden footage, recorded with your car’s remote control

When you need to capture what is happening around you on video, be it for work, for leisure or for legal reasons, you may find yourself in condition to do it as discreetly as possible, so as not to raise unnecessary attention and suspicions. Therefore, the job must be carried out by using a device […]

Afraid that your boss might be spying on you? Watch your computer!

When your boss is in his room, and you think you might be able to talk freely, be very careful, you might be spied upon… through your computer! It is true, thanks to the ever increasing possibilities of interactivity between different technologies, even your office computer may be turned into a real covert listening device. […]

Even insects can spy: Cyborg moths are an example

Looks like a gadget out of a science fiction movie like Terminator, but it might be reality pretty soon. The US Ministry of Defense is financing a research program aimed at creating cyborg moths, that is, insects on which, when they are still at larval stage, miniature electrodes and control chips are mounted. The research […]

Has innovation touched your hidden camera?

With years of fruitful services, a hidden camera has grabbed a mushrooming place in the spy, investigation and security industry. It is regarded as one of the basics when it comes to a spy tool kit. Endoacustica considering its potential use has struggled hard to realise newer tools utilizing the hidden apparatus with latest innovative […]

Are you equipped with remote control DVR?

Whether one is dealing with the knock backs or coping up with inevitable factors hindering surveillance, constant innovation in the spy tools to leave aside sharp culprits and criminals always gives the best results. Therefore, the field of spying needs a steady addition of newer camouflaged techniques to outrage and excel in the tough risky […]