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Do you want to become secret agents? Send your resume to the CIA!

Maybe you will not travel around the world, saving it from mad scientists or from nuclear threats, drinking a Martini Dry (shaken, not stirred) while you are busy seducing the inevitable Bond girl; sure though, you will have the chance to give your small contribution to face threats that are maybe less glamorous but possibly […]

Following critters’ migrations? Nice and easy, via radio!

In the US State of North Carolina, mass migrations of insects are a real calamity for the local agriculture and farming industry. The so called Mormon Crickets move in huge packs of hundreds of thousands or possibly millions, devastating fields and crops during their migration journeys. Scientists are trying to track down the path of […]

Maybe you might sweat a bit… but protected from electromagnetic fields!

Let’s face the truth: a fabric that protects us from electromagnetic fields or radiations is not exactly everyone’s idea of “fashionable dress”, but on the other hand, a fashionable and fancy dress would be of little or no use on our workplace, if during the course of our work we are exposed to radiations or […]

A watch, a phone, a bug or… all of them?

The mobile phone marketplace offers a wide range of choices among thousands of different models with different features and characteristics, different design and different operating software, but in the end, it all revolves around a range of standard features. There are dual, tri- and quadri-band phones, with or without camera, with or without radio, with […]