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3 grams, 10 centimeters and a flying camera

Who knows how many times you must have been thinking “I wish I was a fly” to be able to see or listen to what happens in a room when you are away, without being seen, heard or noticed… After all, being able to watch or listen without others being aware is one of mankind’s […]

Do you want to become a spy? Go to the University!

National security is a serious business, one that certainly can not be improvised. All aspects connected with intelligence must thoroughly be evaluated and analyzed, and those who work in this field must be absolutely professional and reliable, and have a high level of specific knowledge in the area. For this reason, Link Campus University is […]

Is Digital mini voice recorder, a true advancement?

It is not uncommon to find professionals struggling hard with bulky, messy and complicated voice recorders to keep a compile of audio messages. But not anymore with Endoacustica’s digital mini voice recorder, the device is particularly designed in a miniature pattern to satisfy the needful. Its key hi-tech features within the mini pack too; are […]