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Can’t find your way on foot? Here comes the pedestrian GPS navigator!

If you venture into an unknown city using your car’s GPS navigator, and your destination is in a pedestrian area such as an historical centre, you may have trouble finding your way once you leave the car, and most of all, you may not be able to remember where you actually parked it (your writer […]

Here come the aliens? No, this is a UFO from Earth!

Most so-called UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), that is, remotely controlled miniature airplanes have the typical shape of a plane, although of course on a smaller scale. This shape comes with its disadvantages, such as a reduced maneuverability and reduced payload, plus they need a runway for takeoff and landing. The solution to this kind of […]

Are you looking for a Mini voice recorder?

If you are a tired secretary or a journalist, messed up with heaps of data and facing an absolute trauma of recollecting all information. Then you finally have a hi-tech solution with Endoacustica’s latest mini voice recorder. The apparatus is a sleek handy and less troublesome gadget aiding high sound quality recording. The device actively […]

Is Stereo voice recorder a genuine advancement?

With a view to bring together the incredible recording features with stereo facilities, Endoacustica has developed new Stereo voice recorder. The device is specially designed to record and store all voice messages along with an earphone to play back later. Aiding high sound quality, the stereo mode particularly utilises two channels simultaneously. It covers a […]