Is a Bluetooth earphone spying on you?

Is a Bluetooth earphone spying on  you?

Have you ever imagined of a simple looking earphone that could be spying against you and recording all your deeds to be scrutinized later. The answer is yes, with Endoacustica’s Bluetooth Earphone DVR, the illusion is practical now. The tool can be simply defined as a non functional ear piece concealed with a camera and a video recorder which when desired can be used as a perfect disguise to capture suspicious situations. It has taken surveillance to another upgraded level, further facilitating spies and investigators. So whether a spy is in a crowd or gathering he / she can accomplish the needful when required without any notice.

The equipment comes with a high resolution camera, 640 * 480 VGA with 29 frames per second. The video recordings are stored in AVI format. The equipment also aids an outlet for a USB cable to be connected later to a pc. The lens is intelligently placed on the external surface to record events and can also be adjusted to a required angle with the help of a clip, specially designed to cling the apparatus to a garment or a seat belt. The Bluetooth earphone has given a sharper turn to the investigation sector, leaving the culprits amused of the way. Apart from these, the featured inbuilt microphone has too given paths for a flawless recorded version of evidences and facts. So next time if you find someone wearing an earphone, just beware of being smartly investigated.

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