Is Digital mini voice recorder, a true advancement?

Is Digital mini voice recorder, a  true advancement?

It is not uncommon to find professionals struggling hard with bulky, messy and complicated voice recorders to keep a compile of audio messages. But not anymore with Endoacustica’s digital mini voice recorder, the device is particularly designed in a miniature pattern to satisfy the needful. Its key hi-tech features within the mini pack too; are quiet enough to keep it ahead of all prevalent versions. Lower power consumption, inbuilt microphone and longer recordings are few grounds of appreciation. Further it can be connected to a pc via USB port. The software supplied is apt to work with windows 2000 XP / OS. The DVR is particularly designed as a flash disc to store and later transfer the data. The most to be recognized in the product is the voice activation system which actually lengthens the recording time by compressing in between silence and halts.

To facilitate further all the sound files are recorded in WAV format along with the time and date. With the use of immobile parts the recorder can be used in varied environmental conditions such as temperature, vibration and dust. Many models are available to suit individual needs with 1120, 2240, 4480 and 8960 minutes of storage capacity. The featured LED indicator always indicates of DVR’s operation mode. The instrument comes in a plastic case further making it handier. Amazingly the digital mini voice recorder also gives a calendar. So does your recorder need to get advanced?

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