Is your hidden video recorder actually hidden?

Is your hidden video recorder  actually hidden?

The spying field has witnessed the use of many disguised hidden video recorder and camera versions since ages. But with increasing calibre on the criminal side often a need of innovation is constantly felt. Endoacustica keeping the innovation factor intact; employs expert to figure out newer ways of camouflaging with quality products. The latest to add on the array of such superb tools is DVR – remote 806, pocket video recorder specially designed for mobile applications. The product is very compact with an inbuilt 60 GB hard disk to support 60 hours of video footage. It works at 3 different resolution levels to record MPEG4 Div X videos and the quality videos can later be viewed on a television for a broader picture. Apart from spying the small DVR – remote 806 can also be used in extreme sporting such as biking.

The progressive series includes a 3.5 inches TFT display facilitating immediate reviewing of the recorded stuff. Adding further is an outlet for a USB cable which allows easy transfer of all content to a pc without any software installation hassle. As far as manual recording is concerned, the product can either be regulated remotely with a cable or via infrared. Options for programmed and motion sensitive operation are too present i.e. the recording can be pre planned for a specific time period or else the recorder can be operated on a motion sensitive mode where the recording begins with any movement in the coverage area. So is your hidden video recorder hidden?

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