Is your house secured with Mini surveillance system?

Is your house secured with Mini  surveillance system?

With increasing crime and illegal activities all over, gone are the days when surveillance tools were just limited to the field of spying and military officials. It has become a need for everyone to equip with surveillance tools to avoid intrusion and possible mishaps whether in household or work place. With the introduction mini surveillance system named DVR-sensor by Endoacustica, the things have turned quiet easier, handy and convenient. The system is the latest addition to the list of hi-tech surveillance tools. This miniature structure includes a remotely regulated digital video recorder and camera with facilities of PIR motion sensor, night vision and heat detection. The smarter PIR sensor activates the recorder as well as the camera, storing data in an inbuilt expandable flash card as soon as it senses any movement in the adjacent surroundings.

To further add on the professional gadget is the inbuilt microphone which aids better audio monitoring. Though environmental factors can’t be ignored while using any electronic appliance but Endoacustica expertise have tried to lower these to minimum in this surveillance package which is very much evident with a wide operating temperature range of -10 degree Celsius to +50 degree Celsius. The equipment is also aided with an outlet for USB cable which can be later utilised to save the content on a pc. The product comes with an inbuilt 256 MB memory which when desired can be expanded to a level of 1 GB with an additional SD card. The total package is a perfect deal for household surveillance. The mini surveillance system halts all worries to peace with its intelligent features and application.

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