Are you looking for a Mini voice recorder?

Are you looking for a Mini voice  recorder?

If you are a tired secretary or a journalist, messed up with heaps of data and facing an absolute trauma of recollecting all information. Then you finally have a hi-tech solution with Endoacustica’s latest mini voice recorder. The apparatus is a sleek handy and less troublesome gadget aiding high sound quality recording. The device actively takes up the recording job and is also apt to be connected to a pc with USB port. The prevalent software can function with windows 2000 / XP OS, allowing manual regulation with facilities to reset all parameters as required. The voice messages are stored in standard formats. With a dual function of storing and transferring audio signals the tool enacts as a flash disc available in various models depending on memory space. The models flourish within a range of 128 to 2048 MB. For an organized systematic functioning there are time and date facilities with each recorded version.

Further to maintain sound quality at all times Endoacustica has especially blessed it with an inbuilt microphone to pick up even softer conversations. The product is particularly designed to cover a wider range of frequency using lesser power. Not only professionals, the device is too ideal for students who needlessly keep worrying on lengthy lecture notes, now with the mini voice recorder they can record all and refer later without missing a word or reference. The recorder is a true bliss for the education system aiding a sharper smarter edge.

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