Usage of Digital Voice Recorder in different walk of life

Usage of Digital Voice Recorder  in different walk of life

With the introduction of modern telecommunication, the mankind across the globe has been benefited a lot. In our day to day life, we have now been accustomed with electronic communication like cell phones and emails. Except extremely important documentations, or exceedingly inevitable papers called as tissue papers, we are literally becoming ‘paperless’.And in this stream of paperless life, one more gadget has become inevitable, that is ‘Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)’. This DVR is highly sensitive with built-in microphone. These digital sound recorder series operate between 300 to 3400 Hz. frequency bands; and the sample rate 8000 kHz. in flash memory. DVRs can be connected with our computers through USB support, with the help of small adapter.

The DVR is useful for personal as well as professional use. The author pours his sound in the DVR as quick as he imagines the substance or the theme of his story. Lawyer dictates his plea in the DVR for subsequent transcription by his assistance. Thousands of professional in the different walks of live are now using these DVRs with the models varying their record time right from 150 to 600 hours.Software compatible to Windows 2000/Xp OS is provided for the voice recorder; which makes it possible to use it in the form of 128-2048 MB flash disc, setting DVR parameters. The voice activation system (VAS) incorporated in the software saves the memory during pauses, thus increasing the length of record time.

The DVR suits well to broad band of temperatures, dust and even conditions of shaking. It doesn’t have any moving parts. The weightless device of weighing just around 5 gm., the DVR is small in size too. Its dimensions in mm are 25.5 * 50 * 4. EM Digital Voice Recorder, B7 model has unique features. It is an excellent model of DVR. It doesn’t need any special equipment and can be operated safely in different kind of environments. Moreover it offers recording capability on two channels simultaneously. DVRs from SM (using Smart Media) and SF (using Smart Flash) make use external flash memories and their Smart cards have different capacities; whereas all other DVRs have built-in flash memories.While in operation, its battery life is 14 hours; and it is one month in its standby mode. The voice storage capacity of these Digital Voice recorders varies from 18.7, 37.3, 74.7 to 149.3 hours.

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