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To protect your home while you are away, put an alarm in your phone!

When we leave for holidays, but also when we go out for a weekend in the countryside, or when we just want to spend an evening out with our friends, the danger is constantly present for our homes, which might be visited by burglars or thieves, especially if we do not take the appropriate security […]

To protect yourselves from thieves, now you can brand them!

In the Middle Age, punishments for thieves were certainly effective, even though the modern society rules would not certainly define them as humane: thieves had their hands cut, and if they were for example caught red-handed when trying to steal cattle, they were branded with fire, so that they would be permanently exposed as thieves, […]

A complete security package for troops, all in one vehicle

Recent technological developments in the military area, which has always been one step forward as far as innovation is concerned, have shown once again the importance of providing troops fighting out there in the fields with the highest possible level of protection and security: this may be achieved by using automated unmanned vehicles, or by […]

Baked with potatoes? Better not, it’s a robot, not a fish!!

Mechanical fish? Yes, we’ve been there and we’ve seen that, along with a wide range of other robot animals created by scientists who probably did not have enough time to take care of them at home, so they were making up their own robotic pets. The RoboFish, created by a team of scientists at Massachusetts […]

The mother of all leaks: anti-leaks manual ends up on… Wikileaks!

Recently on Wikileaks, the independent site which collects classified and confidential material, often coming from government agencies and published anonymously, a manual was published, which instructs agents and businessmen how to protect themselves from… uhm, leaks! To be specific, the manual dates back to 2001, and is coming from the Ministry of Defense of the […]

Can batteries be small and almost eternal? Yes, if they are nuclear!

Don’t be afraid, we are certainly not recommending you to put a nuclear reactor in your cameras or in your pocket calculators. The idea of a nuclear battery may sound dangerous at first, but to tell the truth, devices such as pacemakers are employing them since years, due to their endurance and high performance. The […]