Archive for October 16th, 2009

Waiters to be connected via Bluetooth, in the restaurant from the future

Today we would like to talk to you about an idea which was developed, for once, not by us or by one of our consultants, but by one of our customers; the idea, which is still in its early stages, might end up into the world’s first restaurant in which waiters are in constant real-time […]

Control your appliances remotely via your mobile phone

We are in this field since a long time, but it looks like Quantek Systems has just discovered the world of unlimited distance surveillance over the GSM phone network. In fact, last month the British company has launched its GSM-Auto, a remote control that is used to activate, through a normal telephone call, any electric […]

Are you afraid of burglars while you are away on holiday? Film them!

Between hotels which do not live up to our expectations and unexpected rainstorms in midsummer, our holidays are not always as heavenly as we plan them. And if on top of all this, we have the unpleasant surprise of finding our home visited by burglars, that would really be the last straw. Fortunately technology lends […]

The most popular digital videorecorder, now even more powerful

In the world of miniature digital video recorders, certainly the most renowned and popular name is Flip, and one of its most famous models, MinoHD, has just been introduced in its second generation version, with newer features and improved characteristics. First of all, the MinoHD 4Gb model has doubled its memory capacity, and as you […]

A new video surveillance system for Denver International Airport

As we know too well, among places in need of a video surveillance system, airports are certainly ranking on top of the list, both for the number of cameras needed and for the complexity required of their systems, which must be capable of covering large areas, granting the possibility of a swift intervention in case […]