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To carry your weapons and heavy military equipment, HULC comes to rescue you!

Don’t be afraid, there is no typing error in the name of the famous green superhero, for one simple reason: it’s not him we are talking about. In fact, HULC is an acronym which stands for Human Universal Load Carrier, that is, an exoskeleton designed for armed forces in order to help them carry heavy […]

A GPS locator specifically designed for kids, to track them down anytime

For concerned parents, worried at the idea that their pre-teen kids might end up in trouble due to their natural curiosity and penchant for exploration, Brick House Security has just created Amber Alert, a small GPS sensor, practical and easy to use, which gives concerned parents the opportunity to know at any time the whereabouts […]

10 centimeters, 16 grams and a six-footed cardboard robot

In spite of its small size (approximately 10 centimeters in length), this small robot is capable of providing science fiction-like performance, such as for example running at one meter and a half per second (that’s roughly 15 times the length of its body!). Also, since the shell that covers it is entirely made of laminated […]

Blue GPS, the first shoe which sends your position info to a satellite

We thought we had seen a lot of things in technology, but this is really something new and unusual even for us, and honestly speaking we did not think that it could ever be possible to imagine something like this. Created by Isaac Daniel, a designer who has always been on the cutting edge as […]