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Two layers of security on your USB key

Usage of USB keys is more and more widespread, and with capacities comparable with those of a normal hard drive, it is mandatory to make sure that the files we carry along with us are protected from any possible intrusion. Currently, the highest level f protection is certainly the one offered by Smart Key, manufactured […]

Does it look like a falling leaf? Not really, it’s a camera!

New technologies are constantly taking inspiration from nature and its shapes when developing new solutions, especially in the surveillance field, and in particular in video surveillance. One of the latest examples shows as a result a tiny flying video camera shaped like a samara, or maple leaf, informally nicknamed “helicopters” because of the way they […]

Generating clean energy from our cars is possible

Our cars and trucks, apart from using up energy and polluting the environment by producing carbon monoxide, can also be used to produce energy, and more specifically, kinetic energy, that is, the energy that comes from their very motion. The problem is that, so far, there was no technology that could be used to gather […]

GPS Puzzle Box: It started out as a wedding gift…

It was originally born as a wedding present from a university researcher who wanted to surprise his friends, but GPS Puzzle Box, in fact, could have a potential for many more applications in several fields. It is a real modern version of the “treasure box” we read about in many adventure books, with the difference […]