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Yet another GPS watch, but this time it’s the base model

Lately we reviewed a few devices which feature GPS technology, be it mobile phones used to keep track of your children’s whereabouts, spy phones that secretly send you the geographical coordinates of its user, or GPS compasses that allow you to find your way back to your hotel or your car in an unknown city. […]

The meaning is there, right before your eyes

Technology brings the world together, but unfortunately or luckily, it has not yet united the world under a common language for everyone, and it’s not always possible to communicate directly between people of different nationalities using a common foreign language such as English. In cases like this, what you need is a translator, but if […]

Too many unwanted calls? Don’t change your number, change your voice!

We all happened to have to deal with unwanted phone calls, either of a business or personal nature. It’s not exactly pleasant to receive a call while you are in the shower, crawl out, and answer the phone just to find out that it’s just another telemarketing operator calling us for the umpteenth time to […]