Seeing through your ears? Yes, you can!

Ear Cam

When someone pays attention to all details of what happens around him and does not miss a detail, you can say that “he’s got eyes even behind his back”. Now this saying can become true, with a small difference: the eyes can effectively be located … inside your ears!

Relax, we are not talking about some kind of medieval torture, in which the unfortunate prisoners got their eyes taken out and forced into their ears for some macabre punishment. We are rather talking about an ear camera, in high definition and color, that you can use for hidden high quality video footage.

Thanks to Ear Cam, you will have at your disposal a professional system for discreet vision, which can also be connected to a wireless transmission system for hidden video shooting and transmission, both for leisure (for example for candid camera videos to be shot with a hidden cam), or for covert monitoring or surveillance operations.

At a first glance, it will look like you are listening to music, or that you have an earphone connected to your mobile phone, while through the micro camera hidden inside one of the earpieces, you are actually taking a video of all that happens around you, with a resolution of 400 TV lines on 316k pixels.

For optimal performance, Aar-Cam can be connected to a digital micro recorder, which looks like a normal MP3 player, on which you will be able to store up to 1 Gb of footage, that is, over 4 hours of evidence to be used in trial.

All this, while the people around you will probably laugh at you and your MP3 player fixation…

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