Yet another GPS watch, but this time it’s the base model

Lately we reviewed a few devices which feature GPS technology, be it mobile phones used to keep track of your children’s whereabouts, spy phones that secretly send you the geographical coordinates of its user, or GPS compasses that allow you to find your way back to your hotel or your car in an unknown city.

The GPS watch manufactured by Thanko is nothing like the examples above, as its operation is not focused on a real time usage, but it is rather used to track down, at a later stage, the movements of the person who is wearing it.

The GPSTRVBK model (no idea what this mysterious acronym might stand for), basically, records its position at fixed time intervals thanks to its tiny embedded GPS receiver. Once you are back home, you can connect it to your computer thanks to the USB cable, and download position information stored on the GPS watch.

At this point, all you have to do is transfer this information on sites such as Google Maps, and you will easily be able to obtain a visual rendition of the wearer’s movements during the day. The possible application fields of GPSTRVBK watch’s characteristics can be, for example, surveillance of prisoners released on parole, to make sure that they abide by the restrictions imposed by the law.

Alternatively, it can be a useful tool to keep eyes on a spouse who seems to be fooling around a bit too much, maybe disguising it as a birthday or anniversary gift. It is currently available only in men’s version, so it could be useful for concerned wives who want to be reassured on their husbands’ trustworthiness.

So, my dear cheating husbands, pay attention to your wife’s presents, that new watch she bought you might be hiding a small surprise

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