The most popular digital videorecorder, now even more powerful

In the world of miniature digital video recorders, certainly the most renowned and popular name is Flip, and one of its most famous models, MinoHD, has just been introduced in its second generation version, with newer features and improved characteristics.

First of all, the MinoHD 4Gb model has doubled its memory capacity, and as you can easily guess, its name is now… 8 Gb. Besides a bigger memory, which allows you to store up to 120 minutes of video footage, the new MinoHD 8Gb sports a bigger display with a better resolution, and a more powerful lens with fixed focus starting from 0.8 meters up to infinity.

The size of the screen has been increased to 2 inches, with a resolution of 960×240 pixels, a video quality of 720 pixels at 30 frames per second, and the possibility to connect the micro video recorder to a high definition TV thanks to the output connection and the stereo microphone. The signature pop-out USB plug, a distinctive sign of Flip after which these products are named, allows easy download of footage to your PC.

Thanks to its tiny size, it can be used practically in any occasion: leisure, recording concerts or as a hidden camera to gather images, also in the surveillance and monitoring field.
As it was the case with MinoHD 4Gb, you can still choose among a wide range of colors, with the option of customizing your MinoHD and making it absolutely unique. At the current stage, this version is only available on the US market, but its European launch will with no doubt be warmly welcomed.

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