The spy gadgets that you must be interested in

when we mention the spy gadgets, cheap spy gadgets, there are many kinds of the products that we consider—for example the spy camera, spy pen, spy sunglasses, or spy lipsticks, spy watch……. and so on. Although our word is not at war, so the spy devices are not as popular the time in war, there are still many kinds of the spy products on the market or on the website

The MINOX DCCleica M3(5.0)mini ancient spy camera which is multi—function small camera, it was produced in 1938, and when the product was produced, it attracted many people’s attention, at that time many agency departments used the product to collect the information, in fact, the Minox belongs to the leica company which is the strongest in Germany.

From the time, the company continued to design and produce the new style of the small camera. While the MINOX DCC leica M3 (5.0) was produced in 2007, and the 4 zoom, it support the SD card, and 2.0 USB interface, there is a recording and shooting video functions. With the help of the product you can take pictures or you can shoot the videos, it can enlarge the memory of 4GB. It is 5 mega pixels, so the pictures that you take are very clear, the weight of the product is 110g, it is very light and you can take it with attention.

Spy pen: generally speaking the spy pen looks the same from the appearance, you can write the information that you need. But there is a recording functions and hidden camera in it. so if you want to get to know the information, you can let the pen in your pocket, no one will doubt about you. If you full charged the pen, it can last for 3 hours in recording. After recording the voice or taking the pictures that you need you can edit them on the line with the USB interface. Today as we know that the internet is so popular in our daily life, many people read or watch news on line. The products are welcomed by many people, for example journalist.

Spy watch: when you wear such a product you will find that it is very cool on you. The functions of the product are also powerful. If you have watched the movie 007, you must be attracted by the main actors who worn such a watch. Today you can buy the product from the internet or from the electronic market. It is amazing. The spy watch like a cell phone watch, but you can wear around your wrist, you can play music, take photos and send short messages to each other, you can also communicate with each other.

From the articles that we know there are many kinds of the spy gadgets or cheap spy gadget on the market or website, and I hope that these functions of the products can meet your requirements. I hope that you can get one that you like so much.

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