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Can Spy On: Pretty much any phone anywhere at any time. How It Does It: Or maybe not. Wiretapping somebody used to be a pain in the ass. Even if they got the warrant, they needed bulky, heavy equipment, needed to have somebody actually there to tap the actual phone calls… it was almost more […]

Laser Microphones

Can Spy On: Anybody with a window. How It Does It: Here’s the thing about “bugs,” even if they’re attached to living cockroaches. They have to emit radio waves in order to transmit their signal back to the listeners, which means they’re pretty easy to detect. With the right tools you could scan your apartment […]


Can Spy On: Anybody with the brains to search for electronic bugs, but not bright enough to bring a flyswatter to squish actual bugs. How could you hurt something this cute? How It Does It: Humanity is united in our disgust and contempt for bugs. They’re vile little bastards. Unless of course you work for […]

The spy gadgets that you must be interested in

when we mention the spy gadgets, cheap spy gadgets, there are many kinds of the products that we consider—for example the spy camera, spy pen, spy sunglasses, or spy lipsticks, spy watch……. and so on. Although our word is not at war, so the spy devices are not as popular the time in war, there […]

DARPA’s Nano-Hummingbird Spy Drone

Hummingbird Drone AeroVironment A year and a half ago, we saw our first look at DARPA’s hummingbird drone, a teeny robotic spyplane inspired by the mid-air dexterity of the hummingbird. But now we’ve got a video of the drone in action, much more capable and with the ability to do its acrobatics for much longer. […]

Protect Your Business From Criminals

In April 2009, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services made headlines news when an employee’s laptop was stolen. The laptop stored the social security numbers of about one million Oklahoma residents who were receiving government assistance. Their names, dates of birth, and home addresses were also saved to this laptop. The personal information was unencrypted. […]

CCTV Systems

Nowadays, video cameras have become one of the most common things used by many people. Different people use them for different purposes. Some people use cameras while enjoying with their families & to capture those memorable moments; whereas, some people use them for security purpose. Today, security being one of the biggest concerns, installation of […]

Hi-Tech Spy Equipments

In this hi-tech era, whether you have to monitor your employees in the office or to inspect your children’s mobile phone that what are they doing, spy surveillance system must be required for the monitoring. In this competitive era, no one has enough time to monitor their employees as well as their children physically. So, […]

Spy Technology – Top 5 Gadgets Available to the Public

Throughout the years, there have been many dazzling bits of spy technology that have wowed the crowds and left them wondering, “what if that was possible?” In many cases, this equipment has become a reality and is available in stores and online to any customer willing to make the purchase. Some types of “spy technology” […]

Cellular batteries: not for your handset, but… cells acting as batteries!

One day we might be able to see microscopic devices, operating on power coming from synthetic cells which work just like a real battery. A research project carried out by Yale University, in fact, is studying the way in which some natural cells generate some small electric voltage. During the course of these studies, researchers […]