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Yet another GPS watch, but this time it’s the base model

Lately we reviewed a few devices which feature GPS technology, be it mobile phones used to keep track of your children’s whereabouts, spy phones that secretly send you the geographical coordinates of its user, or GPS compasses that allow you to find your way back to your hotel or your car in an unknown city. […]

The meaning is there, right before your eyes

Technology brings the world together, but unfortunately or luckily, it has not yet united the world under a common language for everyone, and it’s not always possible to communicate directly between people of different nationalities using a common foreign language such as English. In cases like this, what you need is a translator, but if […]

Too many unwanted calls? Don’t change your number, change your voice!

We all happened to have to deal with unwanted phone calls, either of a business or personal nature. It’s not exactly pleasant to receive a call while you are in the shower, crawl out, and answer the phone just to find out that it’s just another telemarketing operator calling us for the umpteenth time to […]

Total protection from eavesdropping, thanks to the invisible mobile phone

Since the beginning of time, men have always been dreaming about being able to fly, being invisible or talk freely wherever they are without anyone else listening, Unfortunately, as far as the first two dreams are concerned, your blogger is not able to assist, but he can surely give you good suggestions to talk without […]

Thanks to digital eyeglasses, you can see in the dark

If you have eyesight problems, but because of work or other reasons need to go out at night, finding your way might be much more difficult than it is for the not visually challenged, and any small obstacle might spell big trouble. To meet your needs, modern technology is here to help you, with Eyenight, […]

Recharge your mobile phone with alcohol, just like a cigarette lighter!

As of now, you can recharge your cellphone as if it was a lighter, but fortunately, you will not be able to use it to light a cigarette! In fact, Toshiba has just announced the launch, as of 29 october, of Dynario, an alcohol battery charger which, once its small fuel tank is filled with […]

A GPS cellphone for children, to be reassured at any time

As our faithful readers will certainly know, security of our children is one of the fields in which surveillance technology has taken giant leaps forward in recent years. The Mamorino phone, which has just been announced by the Japanese multinational Kyocera, is promising to be the standard of reference to which all other devices of […]

Cellular batteries: not for your handset, but… cells acting as batteries!

One day we might be able to see microscopic devices, operating on power coming from synthetic cells which work just like a real battery. A research project carried out by Yale University, in fact, is studying the way in which some natural cells generate some small electric voltage. During the course of these studies, researchers […]

A spy phone can save your children from pedophiles

Any parent knows that, during the age of growth, our kids’ curiosity, and their natural ingenuity which makes them trust anyone, may expose them to serious danger, for example when meeting people who, behind a respectable face, turn out to be real monsters. Unfortunately it is not always possible to be physically near our children, […]

Preventing environmental disasters from space

After a forest fire or a leakage of polluting chemicals, the non visible dangers are certainly those that, besides being more difficult to detect, can have the worst long-term consequences for public health. In order to inform the population and the authorities in case of water pollution after a fire, or if some polluting materials […]