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Is a Bluetooth earphone spying on you?

Have you ever imagined of a simple looking earphone that could be spying against you and recording all your deeds to be scrutinized later. The answer is yes, with Endoacustica’s Bluetooth Earphone DVR, the illusion is practical now. The tool can be simply defined as a non functional ear piece concealed with a camera and […]

Are you equipped with remote control DVR?

Whether one is dealing with the knock backs or coping up with inevitable factors hindering surveillance, constant innovation in the spy tools to leave aside sharp culprits and criminals always gives the best results. Therefore, the field of spying needs a steady addition of newer camouflaged techniques to outrage and excel in the tough risky […]

Video monitoring kits: a security professional at work

Today we all stand as a part of spying and security industry in one way or other, everyone at some point of time realise the need of video surveillance may be to maintain a defended intimate shelter or to fade out suspicions. The video monitoring kits are quiet a craze these days, most include disguised […]