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Seeing through your ears? Yes, you can!

When someone pays attention to all details of what happens around him and does not miss a detail, you can say that “he’s got eyes even behind his back”. Now this saying can become true, with a small difference: the eyes can effectively be located … inside your ears! Relax, we are not talking about […]

GSM bugs: A sharp edge to audio surveillance

For a few investigators and spies, GSM bugs rank much higher in terms of equipment in their course of interrogation, chasing and collecting facts and evidences. While, the GSM bugs have been in the market for some time now but the recent launch of the mini bugs have raised their application and rating further in […]

Audio video surveillance: bliss, an investigator

For professionals working in close proximity to the field of security and crime investigations thoroughly realize the ever increasing application and paramount significance of updated and latest surveillance equipments. These not only facilitate investigations but also enact as an effective tool to fight back illegal issues. The most recent additions to the list are “enigmas” […]