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Is a Bluetooth earphone spying on you?

Have you ever imagined of a simple looking earphone that could be spying against you and recording all your deeds to be scrutinized later. The answer is yes, with Endoacustica’s Bluetooth Earphone DVR, the illusion is practical now. The tool can be simply defined as a non functional ear piece concealed with a camera and […]

Do you have special video systems?

With ever speeding crime, the need of smarter spies and spy equipments is rising day by day. With traditional tools in the limelight their use is very limited and risky too. With calibrated minds acting even more cunningly; there is a continuous introduction of newer ways to aid special video facilities. Endoacustica leading the charts […]

Are Wireless Cameras your passion?

Impressed with the bond flicks and mission impossible kind’s hi-fi movies, full of fictional stuff the youth has initiated a constant desire to own these spy equipments. Though a few decades ago these tools were only limited to crime investigators but with liberal laws and companies working hard to satisfy the required; things have changed […]