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Is your portable digital video recorder satisfactory?

It is a common observation that customers with an intention of top class video surveillance often land up buying incompetent and less useful products. With markets flooded with a variety of portable digital video recorder it is mostly difficult to make a suitable choice. At Endoacustica professionals work hard to develop tools to suit and […]

Can Aerial video surveillance serve hi-tech security?

With a demanding issue of security there has been a constant rise in the private as well as public use of aerial video surveillance products to manage a spy free aura and sideline all suspicions away. Also at the same time these tools aid to keep things under a controlled eye. With newer techniques and […]

Is a spy gear inevitable?

Ever since the application of prevalent hi-tech spy equipments in public either to maintain security, keep a check or to prevent an outbreak has left many amused for years together. The curiosity has continuously rose all over the public; initiating a desire to privately own and use a spy gear. With private companies acting tactfully […]

Radio controlled helicopters: a pleasurable pastime or an etched video surveillance gizmo

Initial fascination in any subject of interest is very obvious especially in toddlerhood where a mere toy is enough to keep a child glued for weekends  together. Self controlled toys usually top the charts with greater involvement and activity. Apart from the frolic and hobby segment there are few serving the field of surveillance with […]