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10 centimeters, 16 grams and a six-footed cardboard robot

In spite of its small size (approximately 10 centimeters in length), this small robot is capable of providing science fiction-like performance, such as for example running at one meter and a half per second (that’s roughly 15 times the length of its body!). Also, since the shell that covers it is entirely made of laminated […]

Control your appliances remotely via your mobile phone

We are in this field since a long time, but it looks like Quantek Systems has just discovered the world of unlimited distance surveillance over the GSM phone network. In fact, last month the British company has launched its GSM-Auto, a remote control that is used to activate, through a normal telephone call, any electric […]

Sensors smaller than a coin, for high security at a low price

Protecting a building or a property with fences, barbed wire and closed-circuit cameras may be really expensive, but a recent invention coming from Tel Aviv University might revolutionize environmental surveillance and security. The Smart Dew sensors, smaller than a coin, can be scattered at random all around the area that needs to be monitored, in […]

The mother of all leaks: anti-leaks manual ends up on… Wikileaks!

Recently on Wikileaks, the independent site which collects classified and confidential material, often coming from government agencies and published anonymously, a manual was published, which instructs agents and businessmen how to protect themselves from… uhm, leaks! To be specific, the manual dates back to 2001, and is coming from the Ministry of Defense of the […]

Can batteries be small and almost eternal? Yes, if they are nuclear!

Don’t be afraid, we are certainly not recommending you to put a nuclear reactor in your cameras or in your pocket calculators. The idea of a nuclear battery may sound dangerous at first, but to tell the truth, devices such as pacemakers are employing them since years, due to their endurance and high performance. The […]

Afraid that your boss might be spying on you? Watch your computer!

When your boss is in his room, and you think you might be able to talk freely, be very careful, you might be spied upon… through your computer! It is true, thanks to the ever increasing possibilities of interactivity between different technologies, even your office computer may be turned into a real covert listening device. […]

Total control, at any distance: become a secret agent

Since Cold War times, surveillance technology has taken giant leaps forward, by launching on the market some listening devices which are getting more and more sophisticated, more powerful, and always smaller. On the other hand, the trend of these spy devices’ cost is inversely proportional. Nowadays, in fact, covert listening devices have a price that […]