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Is your portable digital video recorder satisfactory?

It is a common observation that customers with an intention of top class video surveillance often land up buying incompetent and less useful products. With markets flooded with a variety of portable digital video recorder it is mostly difficult to make a suitable choice. At Endoacustica professionals work hard to develop tools to suit and […]

Have you bagged the most appropriate covert devices?

Audio surveillance is a field where the device requirements are truly individualistic and idiosyncratic. Though performance is the key feature but it is often noticed that some vigilant spies and investigators lay extra importance to the size, disguise, amplification etc. Everyone has their own set of required features when it comes to covert devices. Some […]

Your personal assistant: micro recorder

Keeping pace with the hectic present day schedules is tiring and it is even more hard and messy these days to maintain a note of everything which may be needed sooner or later for reference or record. Though manual help has been serving millions since years we can think of but still a loophole of […]