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Are you looking for a Mini voice recorder?

If you are a tired secretary or a journalist, messed up with heaps of data and facing an absolute trauma of recollecting all information. Then you finally have a hi-tech solution with Endoacustica’s latest mini voice recorder. The apparatus is a sleek handy and less troublesome gadget aiding high sound quality recording. The device actively […]

Is a Bluetooth earphone spying on you?

Have you ever imagined of a simple looking earphone that could be spying against you and recording all your deeds to be scrutinized later. The answer is yes, with Endoacustica’s Bluetooth Earphone DVR, the illusion is practical now. The tool can be simply defined as a non functional ear piece concealed with a camera and […]

Can you imitate as a girl or a guy with voice changers?

It is not uncommon to cite examples of attempt to sound differently when young, many during child play have tried to raise their voice variedly for fun. But with technical advancements over decades there are gadgets available to shape up the voice change to real. Voice changers refer to a tool apt enough to modify […]

Is your audio Monitoring Kit superbly equipped?

Often, spies and investigators apply audio monitors on suspects to keep a check on illegal activities focused either on an individual or a specific locale as per situations. With technology reaching extremes there are products available in markets assuring even to figure out a pin drop when activated. The checklist of equipment to be included […]

Wall microphone stethoscope: highly sensitive gizmo ears

The famous Chinese proverb “walls have ears” has finally shaped up with the tactful application of intelligence, architecture and technology in the form of a sophisticated instrument known as wall microphone stethoscope. Active crime scene workers and spies often complained of a lack of tool to make a secure way to the insecure zone full […]

Ever dynamic Digital micro recorders

With an attempt to make undercover investigations an absolute success many lay their hands on the latest digital micro recorders, they have given a sharp edge to the term with avant-garde innovative camouflages used and modulated them from time to time to continue the sweet fruit shower without culprit notice. Variety is the demand to […]