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Are you looking for a Mini voice recorder?

If you are a tired secretary or a journalist, messed up with heaps of data and facing an absolute trauma of recollecting all information. Then you finally have a hi-tech solution with Endoacustica’s latest mini voice recorder. The apparatus is a sleek handy and less troublesome gadget aiding high sound quality recording. The device actively […]

Is Digital mini voice recorder, a true advancement?

It is not uncommon to find professionals struggling hard with bulky, messy and complicated voice recorders to keep a compile of audio messages. But not anymore with Endoacustica’s digital mini voice recorder, the device is particularly designed in a miniature pattern to satisfy the needful. Its key hi-tech features within the mini pack too; are […]

Usage of Digital Voice Recorder in different walk of life

With the introduction of modern telecommunication, the mankind across the globe has been benefited a lot. In our day to day life, we have now been accustomed with electronic communication like cell phones and emails. Except extremely important documentations, or exceedingly inevitable papers called as tissue papers, we are literally becoming ‘paperless’.And in this stream […]

Digital Voice Recorder for everyone

Keychain version of tiny Digital Voice Recorder unlocks the needs and convenience of users. The science and technology are changing with astronomical speed. The journey from floppy to compact disc to pen drive is mind boggling. There are certain applications of these gadgets which don’t allow us big space, more particularly when we are traveling […]

Is your hidden video recorder actually hidden?

The spying field has witnessed the use of many disguised hidden video recorder and camera versions since ages. But with increasing calibre on the criminal side often a need of innovation is constantly felt. Endoacustica keeping the innovation factor intact; employs expert to figure out newer ways of camouflaging with quality products. The latest to […]

Is your audio Monitoring Kit superbly equipped?

Often, spies and investigators apply audio monitors on suspects to keep a check on illegal activities focused either on an individual or a specific locale as per situations. With technology reaching extremes there are products available in markets assuring even to figure out a pin drop when activated. The checklist of equipment to be included […]