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Does it look like a falling leaf? Not really, it’s a camera!

New technologies are constantly taking inspiration from nature and its shapes when developing new solutions, especially in the surveillance field, and in particular in video surveillance. One of the latest examples shows as a result a tiny flying video camera shaped like a samara, or maple leaf, informally nicknamed “helicopters” because of the way they […]

Seeing through your ears? Yes, you can!

When someone pays attention to all details of what happens around him and does not miss a detail, you can say that “he’s got eyes even behind his back”. Now this saying can become true, with a small difference: the eyes can effectively be located … inside your ears! Relax, we are not talking about […]

A vandalism-proof surveillance camera

As we know too well, surveillance is now a vital aspect of our modern society: companies, institutions, banks and private individuals find themselves in need to protect their offices or their homes against any kind of non authorized access, and the most common solution is given by video surveillance cameras. Too often though, these cameras […]